designer story

One grandmother a seamstress, the other a glamorous, world-traveling beauty queen with impeccable taste... These are the influences that, from childhood, shaped swimsuit designer Paula Hermanny into one of the most consistently innovative and creative individuals working in the swimwear industry today.

“As a young girl, I looked up to my grandmother, Joana. She was always beautiful, classic and perfect - from her Chanel flats to her little Burberry raincoat,” Paula said. From her earliest years, Paula vowed to bask in Joana’s style until she learned how to achieve her rare qualities of elegance and grace.

Paula was able to learn the fundamentals of design and the craft of sewing from her maternal grandmother, Izaura, who led her around the markets of Brazil in search of beautiful fabrics and accessories. With two amazing grandmothers as her role models, Paula was infused with a lifelong love for beautiful clothing and the search for perfection and technique in fashion.

From her home in La Jolla, California, Paula soaks up the sun in one of the most progressive fashion markets in the world of beach and resort wear. Her frequent trips to destinations worldwide keep her sense of style sharp and her eye for detail focused. She remains committed to the art of taking fabric and accessories and creating timeless, beautiful designs that would make Joana and Izaura proud.