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Frequently Asked Questions - Ordering Online

If I am unable to select my size in the drop down menu, what does this mean?
When a certain size or option does not show up in the drop down menu, it means that we are currently sold out of that specific selection. If you are unable to choose any of the sizes, this means that we are currently sold out of that item all together. We are unable to place orders on items that we expect to receive in the future - no back orders. If you do not see the size you are looking for at this time, please check back frequently as we constantly receive returns and update our inventory daily.
I have a promotional code, where do I enter it?
Above the shipping and billing information fields and below the shipping options on the check out page is a box labeled "Coupon Code". Enter your code here and then click "Apply Coupon". Coupon codes are case sensitive. When applying a coupon code, please make sure you see the code applied on the order above before checking out. It will either be applied as a line item or it will be taken off at the end of the order. *Please note that once an offer has expired, ViX is unable to honor the special offer. Sales and special offers are only valid the length of time specified. If you are exchanging items that you used a discount code on, we will be able to apply the original code on the exchange order. However, the code will only be carried over on exchanges for an equal number of items.
I have a Gift With Purchase Code, how do I use it?
If the gift with purchase is for a specific product, first add the item to your cart and then enter the coupon code. If there is a minimum purchase requirement to receive the gift, you must meet it before adding the gift to your cart and before taxes and shipping.
When I type in a coupon code, an error message appears saying "no discounts approved", "this code has already been used", "coupons cannot be combined", or "this code has expired".
No discounts approved: The cart total or items may not qualify under the terms and conditions of the coupon. Please read the fine print for the offer. If a certain total must be reached to redeem the code, it must be reached before shipping, taxes, and before the gift is added to the cart. This code has already been used: Have you already made a purchase with this coupon? If not, please clear your cache, cookies, and history on your computer and try the purchase again. Coupons cannot be combined: Typically, ViX coupons cannot be combined and you will not be able to use more than one at a time. Please choose which code you would like to use and save the other for a different purchase if possible. This code has expired: Each coupon code has an expiration date in accordance to the promotion. Once the expiration date is reached, the code is no longer valid and you cannot enter it online.
How do I receive coupon codes and offers?
To receive info on the latest ViX offers, promotions and news make sure to go to and sign up to become a VIX VIP! Also, follow ViX Swimwear on Twitter and Facebook for special "Twitter Tuesday" and "Facebook Friday" offers.
When checking out, I receive an error message such as "AVS Mismatch, billing address does not match credit card", "This transaction has been declined", and/or "A duplicate transaction has been submitted".
AVS Mismatch: This occurs when the billing information provided does not match the credit card information. Please double check the billing name and address is the same address listed on your credit card statement. If you moved recently, be sure you are using the correct address. Transaction has been declined: When this occurs, please check the available funds in the account. If the funds are available, also the billing and credit card information. This error might also occur if you have already tried to place an order but it was declined. A duplicate transaction has been submitted: This comes up when you have tried placing the order the first time when the billing and credit card information did not match. Do not worry, you did not get charged twice for the same order.
After receiving an error message at check out, I fixed what was wrong and/or tried another card and my order is still not going through. How do I place an order?
Once an error occurs, our system places a 24 hour security block on your computer. You can try clearing your history, cache and cookies and then replacing the order. If you still are getting an error message, please try a different computer, wait 24 hours or email for assistance.
Where is my invoice/order number?
You order or invoice number is a 5 digit number located in the top left hand side of the invoice (as well as on your RMA if you have created one).
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