Giving Inspiration - Y.O.G.A. for YOUTH

November 28th, 2011

Paula Hermanny has practiced yoga for several years and can attest to the high quality of relaxation the exercise provides. One of her favorite ways of relieving stress is taking her mat out to one of San Diego’s beautiful beaches and allowing a hard day’s work melt away through meditative centering. This pursuit, combined with Paula’s love for children, aligns Y.O.G.A. for YOUTH with ViX Swimwear’s Giving Inspiration campaign. As part of Giving Inspiration this holiday season, ViX Swimwear is reflecting on ways to give back to the community and is challenging people to stay inspired, as well as to inspire others around them. We recently learned about how the country’s top yoga program for youths benefits children and teaches them about the power of exercise, breathing and meditation as part of a positive lifestyle.

Founded in 1993, Los Angeles-based Y.O.G.A. for YOUTH (YFY) is a privately funded organization dedicated to bringing the health, mental and spiritual benefits of yoga to children, especially those in underserved communities. Executive Director Charity Hill has first hand knowledge of the advantages gained from practicing yoga, siting the “relaxation response”—a scientifically proven technique for engaging the brain.

“It’s about creating distance between the fight or flight response,” Hill explains, “taking a step back and conditioning children to think before they act.” This is a valuable tool for grounding a child and is especially useful for kids suffering from anxiety, depression, anger and poor concentration. The practical applications of yoga teach children to breathe and expel negative distractions so that they can learn and retain information during school. Perhaps even more importantly, yoga can teach children the importance of good choices and how to empower themselves from within.

YFY works with schools and other organizations to bring yoga programs to children and is committed to making an immediate impact on their lives. ViX Swimwear invites you to share in the YFY inspiration and give back to the community by investing in the generation of the future. Y.O.G.A. for YOUTH will be holding their 2011 Winter Solstice Gala this Sunday, December 4th at Sirens Studios in Hollywood, California and ViX fans can get a special gala rate through our ViX Swimwear Facebook page.

Below is a Y.O.G.A. for YOUTH Facebook picture of youngsters in action:
vix swimwear partners with yoga for youth charity in giving inspiration campaign