The Makings of a Designer - Part 1

October 15th, 2012


With our fresh, new ViX site comes a special re-introduction of ViX designer, Paula Hermanny.  We’ll tell you about the people who inspire Paula, experiences that fuel her creativity, and give you the details of her diverse heritage.  Join us, as we explore the makings of a designer and get reacquainted with the visionary behind the brand.


Rooted in Heritage

Paula Hermanny’s paternal grandmother, Joana, was very much the quintessential lady and well versed in the subjects of fine art, fashion and etiquette.

“She was always perfect,” Paula shares, “and even if she stayed at home for the day, she would be fully styled, wearing lipstick.”

Joana possessed a rich Spanish heritage that gave her exquisite taste and a passion for travel.  After relocating to Brasil, she would take annual trips back to Europe and visit places like Capri and Paris.  This same wanderlust is found in Paula, who frequents exotic destinations for design inspiration. 

Joana had an avid appreciation for all things luxury, donning pieces from Chanel and Burberry. Her flair for style was tempered by classic European taste and these elements provided a young Paula with what would soon become her own basic principles of design.

Ever demure, ladylike and polished, Joana was the true embodiment of timeless elegance.  She was an inspiration to Paula and her influence can be seen in the sophisticated styling of her granddaughter’s eponymous line, ViX Paula Hermanny.