The Makings of a Designer - Part 2

October 16th, 2012

Crafted from Childhood

Sharp eyes, nimble fingers and a fastidious work ethic—these are the qualities of Paula’s maternal grandmother, Izaura.  She was a seamstress with a talent in dressmaking and her Italian background endowed her with an appreciation for fine technique and craftsmanship.

“She had such attention to detail,” Paula remembers, “if just one button was off, she would redo the entire garment!”

Izaura strived for quality and exceptional fit, instilling in Paula firsthand the importance of well-made clothing.  They would shop the markets of Vitoria together, choosing fabrics and re-interpreting trends to make their dresses by hand.  Izaura’s technique became Paula’s own, as grandmother and granddaughter worked methodically and with precision, taking great pride in their custom designs.  This same passion later inspired Paula to launch ViX Paula Hermanny, a resortwear line rooted in the same tradition of distinct craftsmanship and design.