How a Designer Starts Her Day

October 23rd, 2012

For designer Paula Hermanny, early morning inspiration is essential to each day of the week. When visiting Rio de Janeiro especially, she takes advantage of the beautiful natural scenery and begins each day with a beach run in Ipanema.  Below, Paula shares more about her morning routine and how fitness and meditation are important to her creative process.

ViX:  How do you find the motivation to keep with a morning exercise?

Paula:  I really like to start my day early and look forward to the sense of accomplishment I will have after working out.  I jog along the beach in Ipanema and take in the ocean, the sunrise and the feeling of running barefoot in the sand.


ViX:  Do you have other morning activities that you do besides running?

Paula:  I think it’s important to try different things.  I like to do yoga on the beach and take breaks from running with walking lunges.  And since I love the ocean, I’ll finish a jog by jumping in for a quick swim!


ViX:  Can you tell us more about how exercising jumpstarts your day?

Paula:  I’m careful to keep a morning routine but I don’t go too much into keeping time or counting calories.  The point of this is to take care of yourself and enjoy the peaceful solitude that comes with working out.  I’m able to take in how the sun reflects on the water, the colors of a fresh coconut stand or even how the boardwalk looks.  Staying active helps clear my mind and gets me back in touch with my passion.  This lets true inspiration in.