Waste Not: Littered with Art

October 29th, 2012

With a love for art and true inventiveness, ViX designer Paula Hermanny has admired the work of fellow Brasilian, Vik Muniz for quite some time.  Interestingly enough, Vik Muniz is best known for reproducing famous works of art using the very non-traditional medium of—trash! 

Not one to refuse the potentials of refuse, Vik Muniz has worked with everything from chocolate syrup to paper confetti and even junkyard debris, transforming these materials into multi-dimensional designs that have made appearances in museums and galleries around the world.

Perhaps he is best recognized for his work showcased by the 2010 documentary, Waste Land.  A film co-produced by Brasil and the UK, Waste Land took two years in the making and was set in Rio de Janeiro’s Jardim Gracho, one of largest landfills in the world.   The film followed the artist and the help he received from a group of “pickers.”  The pickers were responsible for combing through the mounds of garbage for recyclable materials.  Their combined efforts helped produce Vick Muniz’s renditions of famous works, such as The Birth of Venus by Sandro Botticelli and Saturn Devouring His Children by Francisco Goya.

Nominated for an Oscar in 2011, Waste Land documented the transformation brought about through art, as well as the transformative power of social awareness on the human spirit.