Fishing for Inspiration

October 31st, 2012


“I can’t wait to jump in the ocean!” ViX designer Paula Hermanny is frequently heard exclaiming, especially after a long plane ride to a seaside location of her choosing.

From an island hometown in a country renowned for its beach culture, ViX designer Paula Hermanny has had a lifelong affinity for the ocean and it is not hard to imagine why.  She gravitates towards the sea and her travels usually default to places with beautiful beaches, especially for photoshoots.  Her love for the ocean goes so deep that Paula surrounds herself with aquatic reminders every day: from beach runs to pescetarian tendencies to home décor. 



Fish, in particular, fascinate Paula.   Their lines, movement, colors and iridescence translate easily into the creative space.  Her home in La Jolla is swimming with fish motifs.  Wood figurines she brought back from a trip to Bali are mounted on the patio wall.  She also recently commissioned a painting from Vilmar Madruga, a famous Brasilian artist with exhibitions in cities like Rio de Janeiro, Búzios, and New York.



Across several different cultures, fish have also come to have very auspicious meanings.  Greco-Roman mythology equated fish with change and transformation.  Ancient African folklore linked fish with creation and fertility.  And various Asian traditions hold that fish, especially koi, are synonymous with luck, happiness and abundance. 

For those with creative minds, this symbolism bodes well—granting artistic productivity.  And for designer Paula Hermanny, especially, this source of inspiration has proven to be bottomless.