Loose in Leblon: Dias Ferreira

November 26th, 2012

Dias Ferreira in Leblon is a charming little street that is chock full of restaurants, shops and bookstores.  A bonified Carioca hideout, this little haven is also a must stop for ViX designer Paula Hermanny every time she visits Rio de Janeiro.  Below, are the best places to visit (and to assume the identity of a Carioca, yourself)!



Poeira means “dust” in Portuguese, but this home goods store is anything but dusty. Bursting with colorful patterns, contemporary furniture and home décor, this is the perfect place to find that new, special accent that will make any living space stand out!



Passado Próximo

A gem of a boutique managed by an American woman, Nancy Hartstein and a Brasilian woman, Maria Alice Garcez, this treasure trove contains antique and thrifted collectibles—the likes of which include scarves by YSL or handbags by Gucci and Prada.  For the more discerning client, pieces of Chanel have also been known to come through the store.


Established since 1870, Granado is a brand famous for its quality skincare and beauty products.  The rustic shop offers beautifully wrapped products, including a line called Terrapeautics, which uses natural ingredients such as Acai, Ylang Ylang and the Brasil nut in soaps, moisturizers, shampoos and conditioners.  A great souvenir to pick up for friends in the US.

CT Boucherie

One of Paula's favorite restaurants in town, CT Boucherie is helmed by Chef Thomas Troisgros and is renowned for its delicious, specialty meats. Be sure to try a selection of grilled steak served with roasted banana and potato crisp crumble.  For a decadent dessert, choose the “petit gateau” with tapioca ice cream.

Sushi Leblon

Sushi is another of Paula’s absolute favorite things to eat and Sushi Leblon helps to satiate her fresh seafood cravings. Do not leave without trying the tuna tartar!



Brigite’s is a charming cafe--a great place to meet with friends and indulge in some good wine paired with small, vegetarian bites.  Order the ravioli stuffed with goat cheese, which is served with tomato soup—it’s a favorite amongst locals.


An authentic Spanish tapas bar right in the middle of Leblon!  This is the ideal location to start off the evening, or even to end it—as the establishment waits until after the last patron leaves to close down for the night.   Be sure to try the house sangria—refreshing!


For anyone who loves to cozy up with books, the Argumento bookstore offers an eclectic selection on the subjects of fashion, art, decor, dining and music.  Grab a Severino coffee and settle in for an afternoon’s reprieve.

Leblon Jazz Festival

Once a year, the Dias Ferreira and nearby streets host the Leblon Jazz Festival, an event that brings together several musicians and jazz enthusisasts for a swinging good time!