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estilo: Beyond the Bikini

Take a glimpse into Paula's Estilo – "style" in Portuguese – as we take you
beyond the bikini and into what inspires the ViX lifestyle. From behind-the-scenes moments
to Paula's own interpretation on luxury living, ViX is more than just a bikini.

From Paula - Happy New Year!

December 31st, 2012


New Year's - The Brasilian Way

December 28th, 2012

Celebrating New Year’s in Brasil is an exotic blend of tradition, superstition and zest!  Adding to that is the fact that most everyone heads towards the beaches since the country is at the peak of summer.  Ringing in 2013 on the sand is tempting enough, but what about the idea of an entirely unique, cultural experience?  Here are some of the charming “rituals” that make New Year's in Brasil all the more fascinating:

They wear white!

It not only makes sense in the midst of the summer heat, but ladies and gents, alike, will dress in white to ...


Merry Christmas from ViX!

December 25th, 2012


A Bit of Light Christmas Fare

December 24th, 2012

Christmas in Brasil is often celebrated on Christmas Eve.  Families will gather together around tables heavily laden with rich, delicious food.  It’s an important time to relax and enjoy the time spent with friends, family and loved ones.

The following day, meals are usually smaller and more casual.  For ViX designer Paula Hermanny, she loves to serve light and healthy dishes.  With seafood being her absolute favorite, she opts for one of her signature recipes: shrimp couscous. 

Though not a traditional holiday meal, shrimp couscous still works great for the season.  It’s simple to make and calorie concious ...


What is Paula Packing?

December 21st, 2012

Catching a jet-setting fashion designer is no easy task, but gaining access is worthwhile—if not only to live vicariously through them. ViX designer Paula Hermanny is headed for tropical bliss in Costa Rica this Christmas.  As balmy weather and shimmering sands await her, she unzips a suitcase no bigger than a single dresser drawer and proceeds to pack.  Between business trips in San Diego and Rio de Janeiro, and visits to undeniably posh locales, Paula is more than accustomed to travel.  And with a penchant for beach destinations, she’s developed a method to packing and has mastered the ...


Cruise 2013 Behind the Collection: Jessey Linen Dress

December 20th, 2012

“Everyone needs a little white dress!”

ViX designer Paula Hermanny has some pertinent style rules not to be overlooked.  One of these requires that a versatile white sheath reside in every woman’s closet.  Much like the little black dress, the little white dress stands in as a wardrobe staple; but unlike its inky counterpart, this little white number is quite the herald of—shall we say—l’esprit libre.

“It’s beautiful and feminine, but still classic.  I’m taking this to Costa Rica with me over Christmas,” declared Paula.  She is, of course, talking about the Jessey linen ...


Explore Brasil: Buzios

December 18th, 2012

In the region of Lagos, very close to Rio de Janeiro, there is a place that even Paula Hermanny deems as paradise.  This place is called Buzios, and it made a splash in the 1960’s with a visit from the iconic beauty, Brigitte Bardot.

With over twenty beaches, charming inns and boutique hotels plus haute cuisine, the city is abuzz during Brasil's high summer.  Below, find the best that Buzios has to offer:

Where to stay…

Insolito is located in Horseshoe Beach and is the perfect hotel for those who want to learn more about Brasilian culture.  Rooms ...


Paula's 5 Holiday Hostess Tips

December 14th, 2012

Holiday party planning can be a daunting task and the secret to soiree success is to keep things as simple as possible.  After all, the season is about spending time with friends and loved ones.  Intimate gatherings can be just as memorable as celebratory bashes—just let your personality shine through and focus on enjoying the holiday season with your guests.

 ViX designer Paula Hermanny loves to entertain, especially in her open and airy La Jolla home.  With pleasant company, a welcoming ambience, and food sure to be a gastronomical treat, a gathering at Paula’s is always a much-anticipated ...


Ode to Flip Flops

December 12th, 2012

The little bikini, a fluttering cover-up and a pair of irresistibly comfortable flip flops—these make the perfect beach culture uniform.  And tread on, because it only gets better:

The new ViX flip flop sandal has finally debuted!  Re-designed and offered in the latest Cruise 2013 prints, the ViX flip flop is a softer and more feminine update to the previous style.  As a sole made for casual comfort, flip flops have always been the beach beauty’s staple. 


They have a solid foothold in contemporary footwear, but flip-flops have gained traction all throughout history.  Ancient Egyptians referenced thong sandals ...


An Architect, A Legend: Oscar Niemeyer

December 10th, 2012


Last week, the world got a little sadder.  At the venerable age of 104, Oscar Niemeyer, one of the world’s most brilliant and renowned architects, passed away.  His masterful works of art have long impressed ViX designer Paula Hermanny, especially as his buildings have become landmarks of their own right in Brasil.  Each has an important contribution to the country’s urban landscape and each is a cultural site not to be missed:


Brasília (1957)

Undeniably the greatest work of Oscar Niemeyer, the country’s capital is home to several buildings that carry his signature architectural style.  Among ...


Five Minutes With Fitness Kitchen

December 7th, 2012


The secret to bikini body readiness is a year round healthy lifestyle of good choices.  As an advocate for health and fitness, ViX designer Paula Hermanny always makes sure to take care of her mind, body and well being.  Food, especially anything fresh, is a major part of how she supplements her health.  In fact, Paula has always said that if she weren’t a designer, she’d be chef, and that’s why we turned to expert Francesca Fox.

A model chef (literally), Francesca is the British beauty behind Fitness Kitchen, a newly launched site dedicated to delicious recipes ...


Hope in the Desert – Part 2

December 5th, 2012

As part of giving back this holiday season, ViX is raising awareness for the victims of female genital mutilation (FGM).  As a forerunner for this cause, Somali supermodel Waris Dirie has been both a victim and a survivor.  She’s founded the Desert Flower Foundation to campaign against FGM and provide outreach and support for the women and girls affected.  In this second part of our interview (read part one here), Waris sheds more light on a practice kept in shadows around the world:


ViX:  What inspires your strength to sustain this truly admirable and relentless crusade against FGM?  

WD ...


Tote Your Way to Cruise Season

December 3rd, 2012

The holidays have finally arrived, bringing along with it the frigid cold and wintery blasts of snow.  Indeed, icey temperatures can give anyone a case of wanderlust for sunny beaches and warmer weather—which is why the lucky start planning for cruise season.

This past weekend, ViX designer Paula Hermanny stole off back to Brasil, where the country is currently heading into high summer.  Sun-kissed sand and balmy breezes make the perfect remedy for winter blues!  Have you planned your own holiday getaway?  Don’t forget to pack your warm weather essentials.  Below, Paula shares her must-have items for toting ...


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