Hope in the Desert – Part 2

December 5th, 2012

As part of giving back this holiday season, ViX is raising awareness for the victims of female genital mutilation (FGM).  As a forerunner for this cause, Somali supermodel Waris Dirie has been both a victim and a survivor.  She’s founded the Desert Flower Foundation to campaign against FGM and provide outreach and support for the women and girls affected.  In this second part of our interview (read part one here), Waris sheds more light on a practice kept in shadows around the world:


ViX:  What inspires your strength to sustain this truly admirable and relentless crusade against FGM?  

WD:  Sometimes, when I wake up at night, I hear those little girls screaming. Then I know that I will never give up until the last girl is saved.  


ViX:  How does FGM ultimately affect all women, worldwide?

WD:  Approximately 150 million women around the world are victims of this brutal crime. And still three million girls have to undergo this torture every year.  It destroys you physically and mentally. You suffer for the rest of your life from physical pain, nightmares and flashbacks.  

FGM is practiced in Africa, Asia and in immigrant communities in Europe, Australia and America. As it is, FGM has a strict taboo surrounding it, even in the societies who practice FGM, so it remains a hidden crime on innocent little baby girls.  More than 120,000 girls are threatened by FGM.


ViX:  What would you like to see happen and how far have you come in realizing your campaign goals?

WD:  Since I started to campaign with my Desert Flower Foundation, many countries have implemented laws against FGM. Local organizations have been founded and doctors take care of girls and women who are affected by FGM. Many people who have never ever heard about FGM now fight against it.  More and more young people in communities that practice FGM oppose this terrible violation on human rights.


To help support Waris Dirie and her cause, ViX will be donating 100% of the proceeds from items bought in the “Desert Flower” section for the remainder of the year.  Curated by Waris Dirie, herself, the swim and resort wear found in the “Desert Flower” section is from the African-inspired ViX 2013 Cruise Collection.

Our heartfelt thanks to you and your giving hearts for all your inspiring help this holiday season!