Five Minutes With Fitness Kitchen

December 7th, 2012


The secret to bikini body readiness is a year round healthy lifestyle of good choices.  As an advocate for health and fitness, ViX designer Paula Hermanny always makes sure to take care of her mind, body and well being.  Food, especially anything fresh, is a major part of how she supplements her health.  In fact, Paula has always said that if she weren’t a designer, she’d be chef, and that’s why we turned to expert Francesca Fox.

A model chef (literally), Francesca is the British beauty behind Fitness Kitchen, a newly launched site dedicated to delicious recipes, healthy eating and workout tips.  She emphasizes to her readers that getting healthy is just as important as staying healthy and has been flown around the world to cook nutritious meals for many an affluent client.  With Fitness Kitchen as her dearest project, she shares with us a bit about her story and indulges us with some tricks to staying healthy this holiday season:


Being a model and a chef is quite the combination!  How did this come about?

With much thanks to my mum’s generosity, I was very lucky to go to Tante Marie school of Cordon Bleu cooking, when I was 18. Having overcome eating disorders, food has been a massively important part of my life, especially with my recovery. With a newfound respect for my body and the food I use to nourish it, I started to train and this lead to modeling with IMM Models. I am very lucky to have two jobs I love and they have lead to sharing all I have learnt and starting the Fitness Kitchen, a place where I can share my healthy recipes, and fitness regime and lifestyle tips I have learnt along the way.


The most exciting destination location you have traveled to is…

Oh wow — this is a hard one! I have been incredibly lucky to travel a lot. A place that I hold very dear to my heart is Kauai, Hawaii. I spent several Christmas' there and with my dad being Swiss-German, we had a brilliant tradition of lighting real candles on the Christmas tree. Kauai is a stunning island and a far cry from the tourist destination of Honolulu. 


Your top three healthy holiday habits this season:

A lot of people tend to go on a diet to get bikini ready, and quickly let their healthy regime fall by the wayside once they are on holiday. At Fitness Kitchen, I strongly believe in healthy eating and training being a lifestyle, not a short-term solution, so don't think just because you are on holiday things stop. Change your thought process to being lucky and happy to live a healthy, active lifestyle and be grateful for being able to exercise and eat well every day.

1. Firstly, watch your portions — it is so easy to over indulge in food as well as alcohol; especially with places like America serving "portions" that are more than enough for two! As always, make protein (approximately a palm size amount a portion) and green, leafy vegetables, the main focus of any meal... or buffet!

2. Stay hydrated — whether in the mountains or on the beach, keeping hydrated is very important, especially in a warm climate. In the same breadth — try to limit your salt intake to stop any unnecessary bloating and don't over indulge in alcohol every day.

3. Exercise – It’s important to kick start your holiday with some exercise. Take advantage of running in sand dunes or hiking mountains and do something a bit different that your normal regime. We can be in a gym and be anywhere in the world, be grateful for wherever you are spending your holidays and get training in your surroundings. It will make exercising so much more enjoyable!


As you know, ViX designer Paula Hermanny loves healthy cooking with fresh ingredients.  Can you share an easy recipe for “eating green”?

When eating green, it’s important to try and keep your greens as nutrient rich as possible, and that means choosing beautiful, dark, leafy greens. This is an excellent basic recipe for the Fitness Kitchen Green Lean Juice. As a general rule of thumb, keep your ratio 60% dark greens, adding the rest of whatever fruits / vegetables you like. Try these ingredients and mix and match as you please;

Pop the following in a juicer to make approximately 1 glass of Green Lean Juice:

1 bunch of kale

1 bunch of spinach

2 sticks of celery

1 lemon, rind removed

1 cucumber

2 apples

Serve over ice and treat your body every day to a glass full of goodness!


Optional extras:

Ginger - a brilliant anti immflamatory and great for digestion

Cayenne Pepper - excellent at kickstarting your metabolism

Powdered greens (spirulina, wheatgrass, chloerra etc) ideal if you cant get your hands on dark greens or what an even more nutrient dense recipe

1 cup of fruit; swap the apple for pineapple, blueberries, strawberries as you see fit

1 scoop of protein powder — you can get plant based protein powders that add an extra oomph to your juice — great post work out!


For more tips and recipes on fit and healthy living, visit Francesca's Fitness Kitchen.