Ode to Flip Flops

December 12th, 2012

The little bikini, a fluttering cover-up and a pair of irresistibly comfortable flip flops—these make the perfect beach culture uniform.  And tread on, because it only gets better:

The new ViX flip flop sandal has finally debuted!  Re-designed and offered in the latest Cruise 2013 prints, the ViX flip flop is a softer and more feminine update to the previous style.  As a sole made for casual comfort, flip flops have always been the beach beauty’s staple. 


They have a solid foothold in contemporary footwear, but flip-flops have gained traction all throughout history.  Ancient Egyptians referenced thong sandals in their murals and similar sandals were worn in Jerusalem and throughout the Middle East.  Further recorded use has been found in Africa, Asia and South America, all of which had comparable versions of the same sandal.

The modern day flip-flop style appears to stem from the traditional Japanese zori.  As a cultural novelty, these sandals made their way out west with soldiers returning home from World War II. 


Easy and simple, flip flops have truly stood the test of time.  Today, they are everywhere and the casual shoe of choice for life under the sun.  We agree with ViX designer Paula Hermanny when she puts it this way, “flip flops are a lifestyle, a statement for having fun and living life!”