Paula's 5 Holiday Hostess Tips

December 14th, 2012

Holiday party planning can be a daunting task and the secret to soiree success is to keep things as simple as possible.  After all, the season is about spending time with friends and loved ones.  Intimate gatherings can be just as memorable as celebratory bashes—just let your personality shine through and focus on enjoying the holiday season with your guests.

 ViX designer Paula Hermanny loves to entertain, especially in her open and airy La Jolla home.  With pleasant company, a welcoming ambience, and food sure to be a gastronomical treat, a gathering at Paula’s is always a much-anticipated event.  For hosting a warm and fabulous holiday party this season, Paula lets us in on her top five hostess tips:


#1  “For appetizers, I keep it fresh, light and delicious.  Caprese is easy to make and the colors present beautifully.”

 Small bites are better when they’re healthy and colorful.  Another option to try if you are up for the challenge is tuna tartare on endives, garnished with lemon.


#2  “I like to use serving platters that are unique and beautiful—it gives your dinner party a more personal touch!”

 For Paula, she loves anything to do with fish and has a favorite fish platter that she often uses.  We say go ahead—let your quirkiness shine through in an unexpected way.


#3  “Always have both red and white wine on hand.  My absolute favorite is Santa Margherita Pinot Grigio!”

 Knowing your guests well will better serve you in this respect, that way you can truly cater to their tastes.


#4  “Entertain with a light hearted game—guests love a fun gift exchange!”

 A White Elephant gift exchange is very fun and a wonderful way to break the ice.  Try gifting themes like “stocking stuffers” or “for the cook.”


#5  “Have real flowers and a real tree.  It looks so much better and smells amazing.”

 This décor option provides instant aromatherapy for your guests, enriching their sensory experience—relaxation? Yes, please!