What is Paula Packing?

December 21st, 2012

Catching a jet-setting fashion designer is no easy task, but gaining access is worthwhile—if not only to live vicariously through them. ViX designer Paula Hermanny is headed for tropical bliss in Costa Rica this Christmas.  As balmy weather and shimmering sands await her, she unzips a suitcase no bigger than a single dresser drawer and proceeds to pack.  Between business trips in San Diego and Rio de Janeiro, and visits to undeniably posh locales, Paula is more than accustomed to travel.  And with a penchant for beach destinations, she’s developed a method to packing and has mastered the art of light and fashionable traveling. 

Follow along, as Paula shares her tips on packing for warm weather destinations:

 “I like to pack really light, using only carry-on luggage.  You never have to worry about your suitcase getting lost because everything will already be with you!”

“For me, yoga is the MOST important.  I will be doing it every morning in Costa Rica so I will bring my travel mat.”

“Take a cashmere pashmina with you to have on the plane—you can also use it as a blanket.”

“Plan ahead and lay everything out.  Take outfits that will make you feel confident.  My must-have suit of the moment is the Malawi striped bikini.  It’s definitely coming with me to Costa Rica!”

“Bring a packable hat and SPF for sun protection.  And bring flat, neutral sandals that will go with everything.”

“Once you have the essentials, it’s easier to see how everything will fit together.  You don’t really need to bring so much,” Paula laughs and she goes on to joke, “just a bikini for the day and a dress in time for dinner!”