New Year's - The Brasilian Way

December 28th, 2012

Celebrating New Year’s in Brasil is an exotic blend of tradition, superstition and zest!  Adding to that is the fact that most everyone heads towards the beaches since the country is at the peak of summer.  Ringing in 2013 on the sand is tempting enough, but what about the idea of an entirely unique, cultural experience?  Here are some of the charming “rituals” that make New Year's in Brasil all the more fascinating:

They wear white!

It not only makes sense in the midst of the summer heat, but ladies and gents, alike, will dress in white to signify a sense of purity and freshness for the new year.  It’s an incredible sight to see on the beach—one gigantic white party!



Peeks of color...

Some girls will sneak in color in different ways (bikinis!) depending on what they're wishing for—red for passion, yellow for money, pink for love, blue for tranquility and green for hope.



They jump!

While at the beach, people will jump over seven little waves in hopes of conquering obstacles and clearing the path to a successful year.


They honor.

Iemanjá is the folkloric Goddess of the Ocean.  Flowers are set out to sea as an offering by people with special requests and by doing so, they hope their wishes will be granted.



Fruitful endeavors...

Those striving for financial success can suck on pomegranate seeds and then wrap them up and preserve it in their wallet to attract money.



But perhaps the best New Year’s ritual is one of reflection and truly celebrating another chance at happiness, health and love!  From all of us here at ViX, have a safe and happy New Year's!