2013 Resolutions - The ViX Version

January 3rd, 2013

It is 2013 and the New Year brings with it the opportunity to start fresh and anew, wipe the slate clean and set new goals.  To actually reach those goals, we share the following tips:  make them attainable; start with small steps; use a positive spin as opposed to a negative one—for example, instead of having the resolution “this year, I will not eat sweets,” try instead, “I will eat healthier this year.”  Break that down further into something like, “Each day, I will include vegetables in at least two of my meals.”  This keeps things simple, realistic and sets you up for success!

With persistence and hard work, achieving your 2013 goals will hopefully equate to a positive lifestyle change.  Identifying long-term solutions—not quick fixes—are also the key to maintaining those goals.  It’s a shift in perspective that can help the most daunting resolution become more manageable.  Below, are some common resolutions along with their corresponding (and much more fun) ViX versions:

Resolution #1:  Lose weight.

ViX Version: I will go for a run three times a week and take in the beauty of the outdoors.


Resolution #2:  Eat better or go on a diet.

ViX Version:  I will try a new, fresh and healthy recipe each week.



Resolution #3:  Stop shopping so much!

ViX Version:  I will 'pay myself' and add X% to my savings account each month.


Resolution #4:  Spend more time with family and friends.

ViX Version:  I’ll plan at least one social activity with someone each week, whether it's meeting for coffee, catching a movie or going for a hike.


Resolution #5:  Find Mr. Right!

ViX Version:  I will focus on myself and carve out some “me time"--enjoying the solitude of reading, meditating or going to the spa.  (When you work on yourself, it will inevitably attract Mr. Right!)