Art in the House of Hermanny

January 23rd, 2013

An elegant woman, poised, paintbrush in hand.

Sculptures, hand shaped and formed, tangible in beauty.

A canvas of reclaimed wood, white boats painted like those in Capri.


These vivid impressions were ViX designer Paula Hermanny’s earliest memories of art.  Her continued fascination and appreciation for art grew from youthful preoccupation to full manifestation through her present day designs. She credits her paternal grandmother, Joana, for unlocking the world of art for her early on.

“She was a born artist,” Paula explained, citing that Joana had lived in Europe, immersed in a continent steeped in art.  “She did everything! She painted, sculpted, embroidered and even did portraitures.  She was a natural interior designer—we have so much of her work still in my parents’ home in Brasil.”

Not surprisingly, Paula brings her passion for art into her own home.  With meaningful pieces decorating the wall of a hallway or the corner of a table, she considers placement and subject matter to create a subtle mood for each space.  While she has a penchant for Brasilian painters, Paula also has a couple gems that are very close to her heart:


Ocean swells meet sea and sky...

Marcos Brillante

A custom painting by the reclusive and self-taught artist, Marcos Brillante, hangs mounted at the top of a stairway landing.  Skylight windows on opposing walls cast perpetual light on a piece that is beautiful, open and refreshing to behold.


Fishing for inspiration...

Vilmar Madruga

Commissioned by Paula to indulge her fascination with fish and all things oceanic, this two-piece painting by famed Brasilian artist Vilmar Madruga overlooks a hallway to the dining table.  With a central location, both family and guests will be able to admire Paula’s new favorite work of art.


Rustic touches and old world influences...

A fateful trip to a vintage store in the seaside neighborhood of La Jolla brought on the discovery of this fisherman’s vase.  Netted with rope, this relic from the past gives character to an otherwise lonely corner of the house.  Adding to its warmth and texture are a set of nearby candles, wrapped in tree bark.


A palette of pigments constantly favored...

Created with love by Paula’s husband, Zé, an abstract painting combines her favorite signature colors: orange, black and off-white.  Mariner’s rope wraps around the left hand side of the canvas, giving the family room in which it is hung an earth-toned backdrop with an unexpected detail.


Tokens of a child’s treasure hunt...

Though commissioned by no famed artist, nor legendary master, a pair of bleached sand dollars lay set upon Paula’s vanity.  Presented by her son, Luca, who found them during a camping trip to the beach, the sand dollars represent not just child’s play but an artful expression of love for mother.