It's All in the Details

January 25th, 2013

ViX designer Paula Hermanny knows that it is the small things that matter.  A bit of extra care or even a minute detail can lend itself as a singular defining element.  After all, that may be all it takes for something to go from ordinary to unforgettable.

“Everything is in the details.  Details set you apart from all the rest and I keep this in mind when designing,” Paula says.

And she's right.  This underlying theme is what sets ViX apart from the rest: 24K gold plated hardware, leather accents, embroidery and craftsmanship.  Having a trained eye to spot the unique, the special and the overlooked, Paula views the world with creative anticipation. She finds inspiration in unexpected places, honing in on that which takes an artistic perspective to recognize:


Fresh out of the sea, pure joy and tranquility – the heart of a

mother driving spirited designs


A trailing tie side, winking in gold – positioned just right for a snapshot to seize


Color, rolled thread, meticulously festive – bikinis embedded with beach culture


A woven muse dangling its artistry – hips encircled with bohemian plaiting


Frayed edging gives softness to a utilitarian shade –

imperfect contrasts make for invaluable styling


Negative space—bare—save for two – a minimalist’s mantra: less is more

Convention aside, what details captivate you at the macro level?