Fabricated Not: Paula's Love for Textiles

February 7th, 2013

Fabric is telling of a culture.  It can instantly give depth to a room, uniqueness to a garment or even lend itself to the utility of a design.  ViX designer Paula Hermanny developed an appreciation for fabric and textiles at an early age.  Many a market trips were spent with her grandmother, Izaura, meandering through endless stalls of drapes, cloth and bolts of fabric.  With Izaura’s help, Paula learned how to make her own dresses out of the material she chose.  These childhood projects would later evolve into a lifelong passion for design.

Quality fabrication, authentic details and a luxurious weight, are just a few of the things Paula looks for when handling new textiles.  Whether it’s colorful batik from Bali or a digital print at MAGIC tradeshow, there is always the possibility of discovering something fresh and new for the next collection.   Paula has a discerning eye for intricate patterns and loves to see the stories woven out of thread.  Many of the prints distinctly ViX are found this way.  Her inspiration hunts have lead her to more than just material for apparel—she’s also discovered several prize rugs, tapestries and blankets along the way.  With her small collection at home, she decorates the floors and walls with meaningful flair.  Here, she chooses a few of her favorite pieces to share with us:


Moroccan Wedding Blanket

“I bought this during a trip and love it so much that I keep it out, where I can see it.  I even used it in our photoshoot for the Summer collection!”




Persian Kilim Rugs

“These are great as light, flat area rugs.  This is a special kind of weave known for its geometric patterns.  Notice how colorful and unique!”



Textured Carpets

“I have a special, patchwork rug in cowhide—such a statement piece for the living room.  In my guest room I have a blue and white diamond-patterned rug from Restoration Hardware—it makes the room so calm and peaceful that I will do my morning yoga sessions in there. “



Indian Tapestry

“I went to India recently and brought this back for Sofia.  She loved the colors of the embroidery and we hung it up in her room as a tapestry.”



Cayman Inspired

“You know I love the ocean!  It’s beautiful and I want to capture that in the ViX suits.  The new Summer collection has one and you will see, it will remind you of the waves of the sea!”