Colors of Spring

February 8th, 2013

Winter is almost over and when Mother Nature’s palette goes from dreary to vibrant, it’s time to welcome the warm weather ahead.  With the Summer 2013 Collection debuting later this month, ViX designer Paula Hermanny is deeply obsessed with color, color, color!   As if the seasons couldn’t change fast enough, she shares with us the spectrum of pigments that have been occupying her thoughts--and by doing so, gets us ready to SPRING for color!


Sparks of Citrus

Nothing reflects spring and summer like the brightness of these colors!  Great against olive skin tones and natural tans, these hues will make any ensemble sizzle like the sun.

Paula says: “This is a happy color!  Very popular in Brazil and there’s no better way to celebrate the warmer weather.”


“Berry” Flushed

The lushness of dewy blossoms, the ripening of fruit and the flirty way a shade of fuchsia highlights femininity—there is no turning back once you look through rose-colored glasses.

 Paula says: “When done right and with a rich deepness, fuchsia and magenta can look very elegant.  I love to make a statement with this color.”


Bygone Blues

This is not the kind you get during winter because having a case of the (ocean) blues lifts your mood skyward.  Azure seas, midnight navy, true teal and watery indigo—the very spectrum of a solstice long awaited.

Paula says: “You can never go wrong with blue! It is such a staple. And there are so many different kinds of beautiful blues!”