Summer 2013 Behind the Collection: St. Martin

February 20th, 2013

“A very colorful and happy print—made for summer!”   Describes ViX designer Paula Hermanny, when asked about the St. Martin

With the latest Caribbean-inspired Summer 2013 Collection debut, the St. Martin represents the brand’s point of view for the season: crisp pigmentation coloring seafaring adventures.

Additionally, the St. Martin evokes elements of its namesake city through new ViX signature details: soft nautical rope, leather tassels with gilded fastenings, gold hardware and even a perfect clash of print and color.  Earth tones sandwiched by fuchsia and cerulean make for a mesmerizing geometric pattern. 



The island of St. Martin, itself, has an interesting attribute: it is split between two nations—the Netherlands and France.  The two territories are known as "Sint Maarten" and "Saint-Martin," respectively.  The northern French side is known for fine cuisine, shopping and nude beaches.  In the south, the Dutch have beaches as well but are perhaps more renowned for their lively nightlife of casinos and bar scenes.

However, the very duality of the island also accounts for its rich and varied culture.  Similarly, the ViX interpretation exudes the same charisma of a juxtaposition that just…works