Summer 2013 Behind the Collection: Cayman

February 27th, 2013

“Blue is the color of the season!” ViX designer Paula Hermanny exclaims, “it’s such a classic color—casual but elegant at the same time.”

Hence, as one of Paula’s quintessential favorites, blue is an anchor color of the new Summer 2013 Collection.  Blue has diversity and easily spans the range from violet undertones to the deepest of indigos, as captured best by the Cayman.

“The Cayman combines two of my favorite things—stripes and the color blue.  It’s like the ripples in the sea from ocean waves,” Paula says.

Additionally, the Cayman Detail bikini introduces gold detail new for the brand: 24K gold-plated mirror chain links.  Named for resembling a string of tiny oval mirrors, the links are another way of imparting the same “reflection of the ocean,” Paula explains.

As the actual source of inspiration, the Cayman Islands of the Greater Antilles provides dynamic story elements for Paula's design: there's the famous Seven Mile Beach known for its picturesque beauty and the islands themselves are peaks of underwater ridges.  Even the indigenous fauna ring an aquatic bell—the Caymans get sightings of the rare Blue-footed Booby bird!

Zoology aside, the Cayman of the Summer 2013 Collection is a playful print that lends itself to easy elegance.  It’s meant to be worn with a touch of exuberance.  And, even if your next destination vacation is somewhere other than the western Caribbean, flaunting the Cayman will certainly spirit you there.