The ViX Factory: A Tour

May 24th, 2013

Behind every great brand is great design.  Part of that process includes execution, craftsmanship and attention to detail.  When Paula decided to start her own line of swim and resort wear, she knew from the beginning that her focus would be on quality fit and construction.  It was a leasson she learned from her grandmothers and the main contrinbuting factor for why the brand is where it is, today.

The design process starts with creative brainstorming at the ViX atelier in Rio.  There, with a team of talented designers, Paula dreams up collection after collection.  Each season is different because each inspiration is different--Paula may be inspired from a recent trip, her current mood or even a rug she may spot at an open-aire market. 

After the atelier, the factory becomes the next major staging area. Bolts of special Lycra-blend is collected and prepared for cutting.  Color and print is extremely important to Paula and vibrant hues are signature to the ViX style.


Here, Paula fingers through a stack of carefully layered fabric.  Each stack is clamped tightly together with a guideline pattern used for cutting.

Below is the result of meticulous cutting: identical pieces of bikini tops and bottoms, enough to make twenty bikini sets.

The factory is an endless teasure trove of raw materials, such as colorful spools of thread.  These are kept nearby for skilled seamstresses to handfinish each ViX bikini.

Evern more, there are signature 24K gold-plated details in every shape and size, plus the piles and piles of dresses and cover-ups as far as the eye can see.

Below, is a picture of the end product.  And if you look closely, a peek of what is soont to come--ViX Preview 2014!