A Little Ipanema in SoHo: Interview with Carlos Secchin

October 23rd, 2013

Paula Hermanny met photographer Carlos Secchin at their favorite place in Rio – the beach. Upon seeing his photographs, Paula immediately fell in love with his work, commissioning him to create an iconic visual for her New York showroom. The photograph, “Ipanema at Sunset” is according to Secchin, “the most sublime moment of the day – when Cariocas are departing the beach.”

This week, we are hosting press days at the showroom to present the Summer 2014 Carioca-inspired collection to key members of the media. What could be a more perfect gift than a limited edition print of Carlos Secchin’s “Ipanema at Sunset”?

The ViX team had the pleasure of interviewing Secchin in his hometown of Rio de Janeiro. Here’s an up-close and personal look on the man responsible for bringing a little Carioca spirit to our New York headquarters.


Q: Why did you become a photographer?  And what is the best thing about your job?

A:  I wanted to tell a story about life through my own eyes. Being able to leave in search of images everywhere and to come home whenever I want [is the best part of my job].


Q:  You live in Ipanema, the beach that inspired Garota de Ipanema by Antonio Carlos Jobim – what are your favorite places in the neighborhood?

A:  My favorite place is right in front of my home on Ipanema Beach, preferably during the week and in the early morning or late evening.


Q:  A perfect day in Rio is…

A:  A bright and sunny day with a warm breeze, ocean temperature around 25º C and clear water perfect for beach activities such as: diving, surfing, windsurfing, sailing, swimming and sun tanning.

Q:  What draws you to nature as a subject? What inspires you?

A:  I’m inspired by Creation and everything contained in it. Photographing nature allows me the opportunity to explore the rich universe of natural environments in my country.


Q:  What is the most difficult photo you have ever taken and why?

A:  Every photo has a different level of difficulty. Some are easier to take [and] others take years to shoot. For example, it took me eight years to photograph the fish, Cleptus Brasilienis, and 32 years to shoot a solar eclipse from within an aviary in the Pantanal region of Brazil.


Q:  What is the first thing you ever shot with a camera?

A:  In October 1967, I took a black and white photo of Ipanema beach (more specifically Arpoador) with a Laica 1939 camera.  Coincidentally my first photo was taken against the light on an angle and at location similar to the photo Paula Hermanny chose for her New York showroom.


Q:  What is your most favorite photograph you have ever taken?

A:  My favorite photo is called KIDS. It was shot underwater and awarded the NIKON International Photography prize in the Sub-aquatic Category.


Q:  Define the ViX Paula Hermanny brand.

A:  Elegant people making beautiful clothes so that women can feel good under the radiant light of the most democratic platform of all – the beach.