Top 3 Destinations for NYE

December 5th, 2013

What better way to ring in the New Year than in an exotic, new place? Restore your sense of adventure and re-evaluate your bucket list because we have three destinations certain to jumpstart your 2014 in the most memorable of ways:

Trancoso, Bahia
White sands, turquoise waters, palm trees and colorful cliffs—this is Trancoso, a small town on the southern coast of Bahia, Brazil. This small paradise was discovered by hippies in the 1970's and today attracts more and more tourists—especially those looking to experience the charms of nearby fishing villages. Places such as Uxua House Hotel & Spa blend contemporary comfort with rustic simplicity.

Why we love it:
Tranquility. Trancoso is the perfect destination for those who want to escape and have fine dining close at hand. Seafood is of course the main local cuisine, with most hotels offering the best in international gastronomy.

The Seychelles Islands

A true archipelago paradise in the Indian Ocean. There are 115 islands total, ranging from uninhabited islets to larger counterparts such as Mahé, home of the capital city.  There are also several secluded resorts and islands, such as the Fregate Island with its private, luxury accomadations.

Why we love it:
It’s the ultimate beach destination. High season runs from May through October, with December offering a more low-key, relaxing experience.

Barbados, Caribbean

A multi-faced journey awaits for those who venture to Barbados. Sunbathe under the Caribbean sun with crystal-clear waters in front of you and pink sand at your feet. Go inland and you have the mansions of old British colonies to ponder over. For fun, visit sugarcane farms or the rum factory—and whatever you do, don’t forget to go on a catamaran ride down the coast! Stay at The Crane, the island’s first and most exclusive resort.

Why we love it:

Because you can go from one extreme to another in the same day. Nature, recreational acitvities and shopping easily come ino play in this island destination.