Anatomy of a ViX Look

January 24th, 2014


While on vacation, it’s easy to relax and let go. In fact, we condone it! Take designer Paula Hermanny, for example. Do you know the first thing she does when she reaches her beach-side destination? She jumps in the ocean!

Passionate abandon aside, there’s a certain sense of style and living that should accompany you on every trip, even one that is considered ‘vacation.’ We call this signature style. For the ViX woman, embodied by Paula, this notion comes natural. It is rooted in Brazilian beach culture and how women actually take time to dress for the beach. They put thought into creating an entire ensemble anchored by their bikini, cover-up, dress and accessories. It’s truly a ‘Brazilian state of mind.’ Take this with you next time you jetset off to Bali or the Caribbean. After all, just because you’re going on vacation doesn’t mean that your sense-of-style has to!

To help, we’ve sketched out the anatomy of a ViX look. Start packing!