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estilo: Beyond the Bikini

Take a glimpse into Paula's Estilo – "style" in Portuguese – as we take you
beyond the bikini and into what inspires the ViX lifestyle. From behind-the-scenes moments
to Paula's own interpretation on luxury living, ViX is more than just a bikini.

The Makings of a Designer - Part 2

October 16th, 2012

Crafted from Childhood

Sharp eyes, nimble fingers and a fastidious work ethic—these are the qualities of Paula’s maternal grandmother, Izaura.  She was a seamstress with a talent in dressmaking and her Italian background endowed her with an appreciation for fine technique and craftsmanship.

“She had such attention to detail,” Paula remembers, “if just one button was off, she would redo the entire garment!”

Izaura strived for quality and exceptional fit, instilling in Paula firsthand the importance of well-made clothing.  They would shop the markets of Vitoria together, choosing fabrics and re-interpreting trends to make their dresses by hand ...


The Makings of a Designer - Part 1

October 15th, 2012


With our fresh, new ViX site comes a special re-introduction of ViX designer, Paula Hermanny.  We’ll tell you about the people who inspire Paula, experiences that fuel her creativity, and give you the details of her diverse heritage.  Join us, as we explore the makings of a designer and get reacquainted with the visionary behind the brand.


Rooted in Heritage

Paula Hermanny’s paternal grandmother, Joana, was very much the quintessential lady and well versed in the subjects of fine art, fashion and etiquette.

“She was always perfect,” Paula shares, “and even if she stayed at home for the ...


Latest from Paula - NYC Inspiration Hunt

May 21st, 2012

Paula Hermanny Market Shopping

Paula Hermanny New York Museum

ViX designer Paula Hermanny loves New York! The people, energy and abundance of cultural attractions make it an obvious treasure trove for designer inspiration.

During her most recent trip, Paula spotted some beautiful, hand-woven tapestries at an arts-and-crafts fair. Their unique pattern and rustic fringe detail captured her attention. “This reminds me of Africa,” Paula told us, adding that her most recent obsession has been with “everything tribal.”

Paula also spent some time in contemporary art galleries. She became particularly fixated on a wall of colorful pop art. In studying the juxtaposition of bright colors, Paula expressed amazement with the ...


Happy Mother's Day!

May 11th, 2012

Paula Hermanny and kids paddle boarding recreational family activites in Brazil beaches
Paula Hermanny with Sofia and Luca in Brasil.

Paula Hermanny with Sofia and Luca mother family kids activities Brazil yoga beach
Left: Paula and Sofia meditating during a Yoga class together. Right: Paula shows Luca a giant starfish.

This Sunday, May 13th, is the day to celebrate the special women in our lives – our mothers! ViX Designer, Paula Hermanny, is a dedicated mother of two. Her daughter Sofia, 8, and son Luca, 6, give her a daily dose of affection, love and inspiration. In reflecting on her favorite part about motherhood, Paula gives us her three favorite things:

1. Laying the foundation and watching her kids grow: “I love being able to teach ...


Latest from Paula: Brights Are On Trend

April 11th, 2012

This spring, brightness comes not only in the form of sunshine but also in the most perkiest of colors, like Pantone’s 2012 Color of the Year: Tangerine Tango. A rich, red orange shade, Tangerine Tango is a designer favorite, manifesting everywhere from runways, to summer collections and even a pop-up nail polish station from Sephora at The Grove, LA.

With a love for striking solids, ViX designer Paula Hermanny, recently donned the Red Orange Joy Long Dress from our Summer 2012 Collection. Paula looked amazing in Pantone’s Color of the Year; the hue was especially vibrant against her ...