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estilo: Beyond the Bikini

Take a glimpse into Paula's Estilo – "style" in Portuguese – as we take you
beyond the bikini and into what inspires the ViX lifestyle. From behind-the-scenes moments
to Paula's own interpretation on luxury living, ViX is more than just a bikini.

Latest From Paula: Top 10 Designs

June 15th, 2011


Paula Hermanny and the ViX team have been busy at work picking the Top 10 Designs for the Design a Bikini Contest! When picking the top designs, the team considered the innovation and creativity in the designs, how well the designs represent ViX, and if styles are in line with the summer swimwear we are seeing on the market today. We also took into consideration all of the fan comments and likes on Facebook! Let us know what you think of the Top 10 designs! We will be announcing all the winners soon.



Latest From Paula: Top 20 Designs!

June 2nd, 2011


ViX Designer Paula Hermanny and the ViX team have finally picked the Top 20 Designs for the Design A Bikini Contest. Thank you for getting all your friends to comment/like/vote on your designs - they were a great help in picking the top 20. As you know, there were SO many beautiful, innovative and overall amazing designs, it was a very hard decision! The Top 20 designs will be added in an album on Facebook tomorrow so you all can Vote on your favorites! The design with the most comments will receive our Surprise Prize! We will announce ...


Latest From Paula: Design A Bikini Contest

May 25th, 2011

Thank you everyone who entered the ViX Design A Bikini Contest! Paula has begun the process of picking the winners and is loving everything she is seeing. There are so many progressive takes on chic beach fashion that Paula can't decide the winners herself - we need your help! Tell all your friends to comment/vote for your design so Paula can take into consideration all your thoughts. We can barely wait to see one of these designs brought to life and made into a top summer swimwear fashion!


Bom Dia: Hello & Welcome!

May 1st, 2011

Welcome to our new blog, Estilo: Beyond The Bikini! In Portuguese, Bom Dia means "Good Day" and Estilo means "style", so take a glimpse into Paula’s estilo as we bring you a closer look. Here you will get to take a peek at what inspires the ViX Lifestyle. From behind the scenes moments, fashion tips, and updates on trends, to Paula’s favorite resorts & restaurants and her inspiration, ViX is more than just the bikini. Enjoy and stay tuned!

PS... a little birdy told us that part of the ViX team will be in Mexico starting tomorrow for a ...