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estilo: Beyond the Bikini

Take a glimpse into Paula's Estilo – "style" in Portuguese – as we take you
beyond the bikini and into what inspires the ViX lifestyle. From behind-the-scenes moments
to Paula's own interpretation on luxury living, ViX is more than just a bikini.

Autumn Spice: Paula’s Fall Fashion Palette

November 13th, 2012


“I love fall because you can mix summer and winter pieces together.  It’s easy to look both sophisticated and relaxed by keeping things simple.”

ViX designer Paula Hermanny shares with us a practical point.  Fall is synonymous with fashion forwardness, however, new looks can also be created from something as simple as keeping to a classic color palette.

This season, it’s warm and spicy colors that contribute to Paula’s take on fall fashion.  She uses classic neutrals such as black and taupe to anchor each look.  Tops with flowing lines give off the easy air of resort ...


Hope in the Desert – Part 1

November 7th, 2012

Her name is Waris and it means, “desert flower…a flower that can bloom even in the roughest climate.”


Unbeknownst to her, ViX designer Paula Hermanny settled in to watch Desert Flower, a film that would touch her heart and move her immensely. The movie reconstructs the story of supermodel Waris Dirie, depicting her childhood in the deserts of Somalia, the nomadic world she lived in and the traumatic crime she suffered at the tender age of three:  female genital mutilation (FGM). 

Scarred both emotionally and physically from this tortuous experience, Waris now seeks to raise awareness against FGM and ...


Marisa Monte

November 5th, 2012

Known for her unmatched talent as a singer and songwriter, Marisa Monte is a Brasilian musician who has been captivating fans for over 19 years.  Her music is a favorite of ViX designer Paula Hermanny’s, who keeps Marisa Monte albums in regular rotation.  Barulhinho Bom is one album that Paula currently loves.  She plays it to unwind after work or to create easy ambience while hosting dinner parties.

With a range that includes Brasilian rock, bossa nova, classic jazz, blues and traditional samba, Marisa Monte’s talent melds together archetypal genres with rhythmic singing, deepened by a voice trained ...


On Location: Riviera Magazine

November 1st, 2012

This autumn, ViX designer Paula Hermanny was recently featured in Riviera Magazine’s Fall Fashion issue.  A publication with Modern Luxury, Riviera is the premiere luxury lifestyle magazine of San Diego. 

As a local authority on fashion, Paula shared the design inspiration behind the latest Cruise 2013 collection and the trends captivating her jet-set customer.  She also emphasized the brand’s deepest plunge into resortwear to date.

“Our resort wear takes the ViX woman throughout her entire day: from a bikini on the beach to a cover-up at lunch and then into a long dress for cocktail hour,” Paula explains ...


Fishing for Inspiration

October 31st, 2012


“I can’t wait to jump in the ocean!” ViX designer Paula Hermanny is frequently heard exclaiming, especially after a long plane ride to a seaside location of her choosing.

From an island hometown in a country renowned for its beach culture, ViX designer Paula Hermanny has had a lifelong affinity for the ocean and it is not hard to imagine why.  She gravitates towards the sea and her travels usually default to places with beautiful beaches, especially for photoshoots.  Her love for the ocean goes so deep that Paula surrounds herself with aquatic reminders every day: from beach runs ...