5 Hottest Animal Prints Used in Fashion

Animal prints used in fashion have always been on-trend, reimagined decade after decade. The original boldness of the print has been commonly associated with daring fashion choices. However, modern style interpretations have shown how subtlety there can still be when incorporating the animal print trend into your wardrobe, whether it shows up on a sexy designer bikini or is woven into an evening ensemble. 

Despite its exotic appearance, the animal print trend is rooted in earthy tones, which makes them easily adaptable to wear for any occasion. The most popular animal prints are leopard, zebra, cheetah and tiger, although snakeskin print has topped the style list as well. We’re sharing how to wear animal print in the most fashionable ways and why animal print will continue to be one of our go-to fashion staples for years to come.

Cheetah Print

Cheetah print is one of the first places to begin when entering the animal print fashion world. The distinctive pattern takes center stage or works as a layering piece, depending on the mood and occasion. Plus, the classic blend of colors in cheetah print clothing makes it an easy entryway into this fashion trend. 

Look for even spacing of the black dots or markings. This is what differentiates it from the similar leopard print style, which often has larger spacing and shapes, often with white mixed in. 

Lassi Corsage One Piece

Both chic and classy, the Lassi Corsage One Piece is the ultimate example of cheetah print swimwear fashion at its finest. The corsage top and beautiful criss-cross lace cutout detail in the back allows this cut to be used as swimwear or a bodysuit. The soft tan color dotted with black is distinguishing enough to be animal print, but not so overt that it overwhelms the look. 

When worn as a bodysuit, this one piece swimsuit can be paired with anything from bright white shorts, a black maxi skirt or complemented by a rich color like ruby or emerald without clashing or taking away from the print itself. Don’t be afraid to work in color or layer patterns as you begin to experiment with wearing animal print.


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Lassi Marta Midi Dress

The flattering cheetah print translates beautifully to the Lassi Marta Midi Dress. The exotic appeal is balanced nicely with a more conservative hemline that keeps the look classy and sophisticated. An attached belt helps define the frame for this lightweight dress. Plus, the silk blend fabric, deep v-neckline, and slits on the front maintain a tastefully sexy appeal for a dress that is flattering on all figures. 

This midi dress is a go-to wardrobe choice that maintains its usability throughout all seasons. Pair with black stilettos for the spring and summer and layer with tights and a black jacket for the fall. When you start with such a strong wardrobe staple, it’s easy to change up the look in new ways. 

Leopard Print

Leopard print has a similar allure to the cheetah pattern. It’s another one of the most popular animal prints used in fashion because of its versatility. The significance of leopard print is the spots aren’t as uniformly spaced as what’s found on cheetah print. Plus, the markings are larger and often set against a white background, which helps make the design pop. However, you decide to blend leopard print into your personal style, remember the goal is to keep the fashion fun and flirty. 

Scarlet Twine Bikini

A bikini that fully embraces the animal print trend is the Scarlet Twine Bikini. The updated twist on a classic leopard print is readymade for your next exotic vacation. The double string sides and classic triangle cut creates a timeless look that still looks trendy. For those that love animal print but want a swimsuit that can be worn anywhere, this bikini puts a bold spin on an earthy color combination. 

Scarlet Laura Blouse

The leopard print's chic statement also works well when paired with solid colors. The Scarlet Laura Blouse looks great as a complementing cover up piece to the Scarlet Twine Bikini. However, it also delivers a bold pop to neutral or colorful statement pieces as well. 

The plunging neckline and three-quarter length sleeves keep the blouse flowy and alluring. Pair it with solid black shorts or slim-fitting pants, or create contrast with a striped pencil skirt in the same shades of brown, white, and black. Play around with different accessories and shoes to create multiple outfits using the same stunning top. 

Zebra Print

For fans of the classy black and white color combination, zebra print may be your animal print fashion of choice. There’s a regal element to this design that exudes elegance but makes the choice just as fun as a cheetah or leopard print. 

Black and white works well with colorful solids, as well as mixing and matching with other prints in the same shade. Experiment with both as you work this animal print trend into your wardrobe.

Fiorella Black Triangle Bikini

The Fiorella Black Triangle Bikini is a fresh take on the everyday cut. The triangle bikini is flattering on all body shapes and mixes up the reliance on a solid black or solid white bikini option. 

The long adjustable tie sides and beaded detailing give this zebra print bikini added luxury, while the extra soft fabric makes it comfortable to wear all day long. It's one of the best uses of animal print fashion that’ll be as in style today as it will be years from now.

Fiorella Black Mia Blouse and Fiorella Black Laura Shorts

Shorts don’t have to feel plain. You can easily dress them up, especially when zebra print is involved. Creating an outfit pairing the Fiorella Black Mia Blouse with matching Fiorella Black Laura shorts creates a streamlined look that’s casual enough for a daytime outing and fancy enough for an evening enjoying dinner and cocktails. 

To break up the ensemble, add a neutral-colored belt and coordinating sandals. Add on delicate, layered necklaces or wear your favorite pair of statement earrings. Even with a bold animal print, you can still wear equally eye-catching pieces that complement the outfit without clashing. 

Tiger Print

Unleash the wild nature of tiger print, which echoes the cheetah's spirit and palette and leopard print styles. Pattern-wise, tiger print focuses on stripes rather than dots and stands out as uniquely beautiful compared to other animal prints. It embodies a brazen appeal that’s ideally suited for an exotic beach vacation when you’re ready to embrace your more adventurous side. 

Tiger Corsage Long Top Bikini

When trying any bikini trend, push the style limits by opting for a fresh print and innovative cut as well. The Tiger Corsage Long Top Bikini takes the traditional bikini style and gives its own original spin. 

The corsage top and tie back are trendy features that complement the thick side coverage at the hips and longer top. It’s a seamless style that provides adequate support while making a stunning fashion statement. This design shows how easily mixing comfort with fashion can be intertwined for a seamless update on a classic bikini option.

Tiger Cutout Dress

A wild print deserves an equally daring style and the Tiger Cutout Dress delivers on both. The eye-catching tiger print drapes beautifully when wearing this floor-length, flowy dress. The v-neckline, cutout detail at the sides and slits on the leg add movement to the dress and keep the feeling fun and flirty. 

It’s the ultimate resort wear dress that looks perfectly put together without any accessories necessary to finish the look. Every detail of the dress already adds to its wholly special appeal and is a standout piece for any wardrobe. 

Snakeskin Print

Snakeskin has an edgy history in the fashion world, often reserved for bags and boots rather than clothing and swimsuits. However, there are ways to honor the essence of snakeskin as one of the hottest animal prints used in fashion. The key is to take the inspiration and make it work for you through its pattern and/or texture. The ability to shift your interpretation of a trend is what keeps it fresh and modern. 

Taman Tess One Piece

A flattering example of snakeskin print inspiration is the Taman Tess One PIece. The design echoes the feel of this animal print in a beautiful way. The deep turquoise color and smoothing stretch fabric make it feel on-trend and timeless at the same time. Meanwhile, the deep v-neckline and adjustable criss-cross straps with low back create a lengthening silhouette that’s flattering on all body types and a good introduction to wearing snakeskin print.

Sprite Scales Button Bikini

One of the biggest differentiating factors of snakeskin compared to other animal prints is the texture. The Sprite Scales Button Bikini offers a subtle nod to snakeskin through the fine-scale detail of the ultra-soft fabric. Although the style may not immediately conjure up the image of the snakeskin trend, it adds an interesting element to the bandeau cut inspired by the print. 

Experimenting with Animal Print Fashion

Cheetah, leopard, zebra, tiger, and snakeskin are all the most common animal prints used in fashion. They are reimagined and reinterpreted season after season to deliver fresh takes on classic favorites. With so many beautiful and original options to choose from, you can adapt the fashion to align with your own aesthetic and add it to an outfit when you feel like switching things up.

There are also endless ways to achieve the essence of animal print. Whether it’s with feather accessories, color palettes and patterns that echo the look of cow print, or the use of different fabrics and textures, you can embrace all of what it has to offer. When trying a new animal print trend, there are no limits to how you choose to interpret them.