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Beach Attire: The Ocean is Calling and You Must go Prepared

Beach Attire: The Ocean is Calling and You Must go Prepared

Solid Off White Rubi Top and Skirt

How does a woman become prepared for a trip to the shore? Simple, by having the most stylish beach attire that people will stop and say, “Where did you get that?” That’s where we come into play. Every time we at ViX create a new piece of beach attire whether it be a bikini, a one piece, a cover up, a dress, or anything in between, we keep that in mind. We know that we ourselves want to wow others at the beach, and that means so do you because great women think alike! This is what inspires our products, each style and each pattern we design with you in mind, and we strive to make you the most fashionable and trendy individual on vacation!

Solid Ice Lane Short Dress

No Matter the Reason, Always Be Beautiful

Whether your reason for the trip is for a wedding or just to kick your feet up and relax, you always want to look fashionable and sophisticated no matter what. You will with ViX. We have great pieces that could serve as wedding beach attire or everyday beach attire. No matter the occasion, go with ViX. Our swimwear and resort inspired clothing will show off your figure and has minimal coverage so that those nagging tan lines stay away. Put stylish swimwear and apparel on that beautiful sun kissed skin that will make you look like the perfect silhouette.

Denim Wrap Top and Meidy Pant (Coming soon)

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Don’t wait, our new summer 2017 beach attire is out and brand new. Get it now before it is gone. Shop here, and don’t forget to sign up for our ViX Insiders and receive your new beach attire 10% off.