Behind the Seams: The Summer of Love

A collection inspired by the revolutionary era of freedom, peace, and love. 

The Summer of Love was a defining moment in American history, a time of social and cultural upheaval that swept the nation. It was a period of hope, change, and revolution, fueled by a vibrant youth culture that rejected the conservative values of the past and embraced new ideals of freedom, peace, and love. Fashion played a crucial role in this cultural shift, as the clothing of the era underwent a radical transformation that reflected the new sense of freedom and experimentation that defined the time. 

The free-love era is fitted into this season's designs by incorporating the bohemian flair of the decade, leaving behind the restriction of minimalism for free-spirited silhouettes that are brought to life through colorful printed patterns, geometric shapes, luscious cut-outs, new hardware, and trendsetting textures that stay true to the ViX DNA. 

Designed and retrofitted to exude the dominant narrative of the time, the Francis Midi Dress, Tuana Detail Jumpsuit, Martha Bandeau Top, Amelie Detail Dress, and our signature Bia pay homage to the spirited decade of utopianism and glamor.

Dare to be bold this season by incorporating idyllic yet sophisticated designs inspired by the liberated fashion sense of the 60s into your wardrobe for sophisticated and stylish sun-filled adventures.