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Cruise 2013 Behind the Collection: Cape Navy

Cruise 2013 Behind the Collection: Cape Navy

“I LOVE this print—it’s so fun! One of my favorites for sure!”

ViX designer Paula Hermanny is raving about the Cape Navy, of course.  The daring animal print-on-print motif is a standout from the Cruise 2013 Collection.  African-inspired, the Cape Navy pays tribute to the exciting, urban edge of Cape Town, South Africa.  Indigo zebra stripes bordered by tawny cheetah print toes the line between brash and daring.  One thing is for certain, the Cape Navy Bliss dress or bikini is sure to garner some attention.

Confident in her abiding taste, Paula, herself, donned the Cape Navy bliss dress during Miami Swim Week. She kept her accessories to a minimum and let the design speak (loudly) for itself. There is an art to mixing prints and this season, Paula delivers the avant-garde look that eliminates any cause for second-guessing.

The Cape Navy also caught the attention of fashion blogger and stylist, Ria Michelle, who loves to experiment with prints. But she admits, too, that she loves “when a designer mixes prints because then they’ve already done the work for [her]!”

And, with print-on-print turning up on runways, the trend is sure to catch on. With 2013 just beginning, now is the perfect time try new things. The idea of taking fashion risks can be daunting but confidence and having fun with styling is key to going from trendy to trendsetter!