Guide to Adjustable Coverage Bikinis: Types & Advantages

Like the ocean tides, our bodies go through myriad changes from season to season, year to year, era to era. And to find a bikini that makes you feel gorgeous in every one of life’s chapters, it’s time to seek out an adjustable coverage bikini.

Adjustable coverage bikinis let you take your bikini’s coverage and fit it into your own hands. With convertible design elements built to adjust as you wear them, they’re the single-most adaptable type of swimsuit for sculpting to your signature natural shape.

Let’s break down how to land on the perfect fit every time. In this guide, we break down the benefits of adjustable swimsuits and introduce you to some of the most versatile bikini styles on the waterfronts.

What is Adjustable Swimwear?

Before you can learn to spot adjustable swimwear on the shelves, it’s essential to understand what adjustable is supposed to do.

Adjustable swimwear—which includes bikini tops, bikini bottoms, and one-pieces—refers to any swim garment that provides one or more opportunities to manipulate fit. Each adaptable feature is built into the design to improve your overall experience of:

  • Wear and feel
  • Support and coverage
  • Fit and form

Notably, many swimwear options use clever design techniques, so their adjustability flies under onlookers’ radar. This means that you may have already encountered swimsuits with adjustable components without even noticing.

You can usually spot an adjustable swimsuit by three key design features:

  1. Ties
  2. Adaptable straps
  3. Ruching
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Top 3 Benefits of Adjustable Swimwear

At times, finding your ideal swimsuit can feel like finding a life partner. For your Miami packing list, You want a suit that will see you through countless pool parties, beach bonfires, and volleyball games—one that can adapt with you as you float through every summer scenario you might encounter.

And it’s just this sort of flexibility that makes adjustable swimwear so valuable. There are 3 main advantages to prioritizing some stylish adjustable suits in your swim wardrobe:

  1. Streamlined fit – Adjustable designs let you find a suit that fits the contours of your individual build. Whether you’re looking for maximum coverage or a barely-there design, adjustable swimsuits let you customize your coverage with every wear.
  2. Unrivaled longevity When you invest in a suit that can change its look and fit on a dime, you’re bringing on a ride-or-die clothing ally that can roll with all of life’s punches. Let’s be honest: bodies change with time, and not everyone wants to invest in a brand new suit with each minor body shape change. Adjustable models offer unmatched flexibility to meet you and your body through all of life’s fluxes and flows.
  3. Comfort and confidenceAdjustable designs are ideal for conforming to your curves and jumpstarting your confidence. Want to give your booty a boost? Adjustable swimsuit bottoms let you lift it. Feel like highlighting your décolletage? Adjust your straps and add new contours to your figure. Even if you gravitate towards the same bikini styles time after time (hello, high-waisted cuts!), an adaptable design lets you get the fit that makes you feel radiant and adored.

Adjustable Swimsuit Guide 101 (From Tops to Bottoms)

The ultimate purpose of adjustable swimwear is to offer custom comfort to every person and everybody. That said, if you’re going to make an effort to adjust your swimsuit to your liking, it’s wise to know how to find a swimsuit style that complements your figure naturally.

With that, let’s take a look at five types of adjustable swimsuits so you can find your physique’s perfect match.

Bikini Tops

Most adjustable bikini tops let you address three key areas of your swim top’s fit:

  • Comfort
  • Support and lift
  • Bust coverage

For most of us, the holy grail adjustable swimsuit top will fit snugly while giving our girls some room to breathe. For an adjustable option that lets you work your figure while speaking to your personal style, look for the following three design elements:

  • Triangle cupsIf you’re in the market for a bikini top with adaptable coverage, seek out a flattering and fabulous triangle bikini top. These let you adjust the width of your cups laterally, with triangular panels you can position to your liking. The more snugly they sit, the more contour they’ll bring to your chest.
  • Shoulder straps – Style-as-you-like shoulder straps keep your girls feeling lifted all day long. By tightening the length of your straps, you can either give your bust even more support. Or, offer them a bit more room to breathe by loosening your straps. With styles that run the gamut from sweet and feminine to daring and sultry, you can find the perfect suit to match your style.
  • Back TiesBack ties provide another layer of support for your bust area. Bikinis with adjustable back ties are built similarly to your favorite underwire of a bra, with the construction to match. By providing a solid foundation for your breasts, you’ll be free to soak up the sun without any fear of slippage if you take a dip.

Bikini Bottoms

Where adjustable swimsuit tops help you grade your girls’ support, adjustable bikini bottoms are designed to accentuate your booty. Furthermore, these can be adjusted if you want to manage your derrière’s exposure or your waist shape.

For two options that offer infinite versatility, we love these two adjustable styles:

  • The Tie Side BottomsIf you’re craving adjustable coverage bikini bottoms that will help you cinch your waist, set your sights on a tasteful tie side bikini bottom. This swimsuit style enables you to customize the fit and position of your ties, keeping your swimsuit bottoms in place while achieving a timelessly flattering hourglass fit.
  • The Tanga BottomWhen you’re looking for a bikini bottom that lets you command your own coverage, the Tanga Bikini Bottom reigns supreme. Not only are Tangas renowned for giving your booty some extra dimension, but you can also often expand their centerfold fabric to achieve your comfort level.

As a bonus, many Tanga-style bottoms include adjustable ruching. This means you can pull the fabric towards your hip bones for more coverage, or bunch it together if you want to expose a touch more skin. If you tend to be in and out of the water frequently when you hit the beach, the Tanga can keep you covered in the surf—and let you get your tan on when you’re back on land.

Tips For Selecting Your Perfect Adjustable Swimwear Pieces

While adjustable swimwear is flexible enough to let you take control of your coverage, you’ll still want to make careful, considered choices when you’re searching for your perfect suit.

These two tips will help make the shopping process an ocean breeze so that you can find your match for this summer’s (and next summer’s) perfect piece.

#1 Know What A Good Fit Feels Like

The first component of finding the ideal adjustable swimwear piece is knowing what a seamless fit feels like in the first place.

Here are our recommendations for finding bikini tops and bottoms that feel as cozy as sinking your toes into the warm, velvety dunes:

  • Bikini top fitTriangle Bikini tops should never feel like they’re sagging or digging into your skin.1 To make your girls feel lifted and supported, ensure your band rests naturally on your back without riding up. In turn, your adjustable straps should feel comfortable and snug without feeling too tight.
  • Bikini bottom fit – Likewise, a bikini bottom should feel snug and secure without any pinching or bunching.2 Bottoms that are too tight may leave imprints or ride up throughout the day. If your bottom’s too loose, it could sag or lose its shape. Finding a healthy medium means you’d feel at ease exerting physical activity without fear of slippage.

#2 Consider What You’ll Want To Adjust

If you’re on the market for a piece of adjustable swimwear, there’s one question every beach babe should be asking: what exactly am I looking to get out of my suit?

Perhaps you’ve noticed a pattern when reviewing your swimsuits of yesteryear. Did they bunch at the bottom? Did they make you feel pinched up top? Do your best to pinpoint which areas of your swimsuit you could stand to feel a bit more comfortable.

Once you’ve targeted what you’re looking for, it’s time to narrow down your search. As a quick guide, here are four common summer styles and how to fix them with an adjustable design:

  • For more bust support, try a bikini top with adjustable shoulder straps
  • For more bust coverage, sample a triangle bikini top
  • For more bottom coverage, consider opting for a pair of adjustable Tanga bottoms
  • For a smoother bottom, shape your bum with a pair of tie-side bottoms

For some, finding adjustable swimwear is the answer to righting the wrongs of swimsuits past. For others, adaptable, ingeniously designed swim pieces are a way of ensuring they never have to sacrifice fit for fashion.

Whatever your reason for seeking out an adjustable bikini, rest assured you’ll find a fit that lets you savor the best of summer for many more seasons to come.

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