One Pieces as Free as The Ocean

Solid Black Twine One Piece

Looking to flaunt something just a little bit different than a bikini this year? Then a ViX one piece swimsuit is calling your name! Ranging from sexy monokinis with cut out sides to one pieces with more coverage, we have got it all. There is no better way to show self-expression than with a swimsuit. Rather than an outfit that you can dress up with different layers, a ViX one piece swimsuit fits tight to your body to show off your natural figure and beautiful curves.

Brushed Madalena One Piece

Walk the Island or Coastal Community in Style

Don’t be fooled, one pieces are NOT just for the water anymore either. The new trend is to hit the boardwalk or shops with them as a top while pairing them with a pair of shorts or lightweight pants, you can check out our separates category to find some pairings, but you’ll be sure to turn up the heat when going out at the beach!

Best of Both Worlds

Our one pieces are not only form fitting, but can also serve a dual purpose by providing more coverage to sensitive areas from the sun, but still providing the sexy appeal of a traditional bikini with the lesser coverage on the side and back areas, hence the term monokini. It can be difficult to find the right fitting one piece swimsuit, but we promise we have designed ours to promote your natural body, because we believe everyone is unique and gorgeous in their own way and all women deserve to share that!

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