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Paula On: Yoga

Paula On: Yoga

“Yoga is such a huge part of my routine,” ViX designer Paula Hermanny says, “I try to do it every morning.”

Besides the benefits of proper breathing and muscle toning, the practice of yoga gives Paula a special moment for introspection.  In her quiet solitude, she is able to meditate and reconnect with her center.  This blend of physical exercise, reflection and breathing provides the perfect start to Paula’s day.

Even while traveling, Paula refuses to stray from her routine.  When packing for a recent trip to Costa Rica, the first item that went into her suitcase was a yoga mat.  “Yoga is the most important part of this vacation,” she explained. 

Indeed, as a “portable” exercise, yoga is very easy to do at home, while on travel or even outdoors.  Paula loves to do yoga on the beach after a run.  Yoga retreats or taking a class with friends also give her routine some variety. 

As a dedicated yogi, Paula has some favorite poses that she likes to do each session.  Each pose restores her sense of balance and helps to ready her for the day ahead.


Pincha Mayurasana – Feathered Peacock Pose

“This one is challenging but I love to do it!”

This is an advanced inversion for experienced yogis.  It serves to strengthen the arms and core by reversing the flow of gravity.


Vrksasana – Tree Pose

“I feel elongated and it helps me find my center.”

A pose that resembles the steady stance of a tree, this helps to improve balance while stretching out the body.


Padmasana – Lotus Pose

“I like to meditate, especially in the mornings.”

One of the most recognizable yoga poses is that of the Lotus.  Buddha, himself, is often presented in this pose.  It encourages proper breathing, relaxation and opens the mind through meditation.


Yoga Retreat

In Costa Rica, Paula took some time out with friends for a relaxing yoga session.