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What does Resort Attire mean? What is it?

What does Resort Attire mean? What is it?

Resort Attire is what we all wear on a night out to dinner and for drinks in the resort. When the sun goes down and the swimwear comes off, it’s time to shine under the moonlight. Men will wear their dress shorts, collared shirts, and boat shoes, while women have a world of endless possibilities to choose from. From dresses and rompers, to long flowy pants or skirts paired with a tank top or shirt, women can wear it all on a few nights stay at a resort.

Resort to ViX

Ladies, with all that being said we got all of your resort attire needs. We’ve hand-crafted beautiful long and short dresses, gorgeous rompers, stylish flowy pants and skirts perfect for hot summer nights, and quality tops that are neutral to match with separate bottom pieces. There will be no conflicts when you shop at ViX. There will be no questioning what to pack in the suitcase and their will absolutely be no questioning whether you look good in it. We know how special a trip to an island resort is, and we want you to look and feel special at the same time!

All Day Resort Attire

Now that we’ve talked about the night, let’s not forget how important the daytime is at the resort. A bikini or one piece is very much a part of resort attire. While you bathe under the hot coastal sun, look your best when the light is on you. We’ve got all different bikini and monokini styles in our newest designs that will take your resort wardrobe to the next level. Resort Attire is what you wear for the days you spend vacationing there, but it is so much more. It is something you should feel comfortable in and look stunning in to make the trip as memorable as possible. If you’re second guessing what you look like, then you truly aren’t fully engaged in having a good time.

Put all that to rest with us at ViX! We design resort attire to meet your needs and figure flatter your body. Shop our site for all your resort clothing and don’t forget to sign up for our ViX Insiders to receive 10% off your next order! Hurry and order before it is time to leave for the resort!