6 Popular Swimsuit Trends Every It Girl Needs

There’s something so alluring about the proverbial it girl. She looks put together (even when she’s just rolled out of bed), and she doesn’t let anything stand in the way of her authenticity. Unsurprisingly, the it girl has been a cultural icon for decades. From Marilyn Monroe to Paris Hilton to Zendaya, it’s clear how these women have informed fashion trends throughout history. 

Do you want to bring your own it factor to your group of friends? To become a trendsetter on swimsuit season, you need to understand current fashion trends. Luckily, when it comes to popular swimwear trends, you’ve come to the right place. 

Become the it girl of your dreams with a swimsuit that brings out your inner goddess. Equipped with fashion expertise and a thorough guide to flattering swimwear, you’ll feel at ease with whatever you wear to the beach. 

#1 Cutouts

If you want to level up your swimsuit style, you may want to challenge tradition. Designers take risks every season to overtake the fashion scene. One risque composition influenced world-renowned designers from New York to Milan this spring. 

The daring design in question? The cutout trend.1

These adorable accents can provide a tasteful yet insatiably flirty flair for your next beach day. Cutouts range from little keyholes to large sections on. Plus, they can exist in various locations on a swimsuit, so all you need to do is decide where a cutout would suit you best (and ensure you apply sunscreen appropriately). 

Precisely placed cutouts can enhance any of your favorite features, including your:

  • Cleavage – Give the girls some room to breathe and a chance to shine with a Firenze Nicole Flora Top. You’ll still receive ample support for your bust while spotlighting some extra alluring details. 
  • Back – Backless dresses have made a big comeback on the red carpet, so why stop there? Bring your back to the beach with a Kayla Ceci One Piece. This one piece swimsuit acts as a perfect neutral backdrop with a dash of chili powder spice
  • FigureIf you’re proud of your frame, (and you should be!) show it off. The Frida One Piece allows you to show off your curves while also providing sharp, striking lines that speak to your expert taste in fashion. Take avant-garde to a whole new level with a one piece swimsuit that feels like an art piece. 

If your swimsuit is the tasty main course, think of cutouts as a sultry side dish. Treat yourself to luxury swimwear and feel like an absolute snack.

Swimwear. Shop now!

#2 Color Blocking

Color blocking has gone through multiple iterations throughout the years. The most famous era for color blocking was the 1960s, as the Mod art movement was in full swing.2 

More recently, color blocking has come back around into modern fashion. But, as style continuously reinvents itself, the rules have changed slightly. 

In the early days of color blocking, it was common practice to pair colors with their natural complementary partners. But these days, designers and influencers aren’t afraid to pair colors with contradictory colors (like pink and red bikinis, gold and purple, green and blue, etc.) to make a bold statement.3 

Color blocking works exceptionally well with swimsuits because:

  • It helps create flattering lines
  • It will never go out of style
  • It looks good on all body types
  • You can enhance the look with colorful accessories

So don’t be afraid to go bold with a swimsuit that matches your colorful personality. Mix and match bikini tops and bottoms, or go with a Block Tri Top or Frida Block One Piece.  

#3 Off-Shoulder Tops

If you’re looking for a subtle twist on a modern swimsuit, go for one that doesn’t abide by the rules of symmetry. Asymmetrical fashion provides chic silhouettes in an unconventional way. Break free of typical feminine standards and exude a playful sense of power by emphasizing your shoulders. 

If you have a more petite bust, an off-the-shoulder swimsuit like the Ana Shaye Top may work exceptionally well for you. Not only can it offer comfortable support, but the asymmetrical design can also draw the eye. 

If you have a curvy bottom half, you can create a more cohesive silhouette by focusing on the upper half of your body. Asymmetrical tops help do just that.4

Lucy Triangle Top

#4 Embellishments

A simple swimsuit can look stunning on its own. But sometimes you need a little bit of extra sparkle in your life. 

If you feel like adding a touch of flair, embellishments can say a lot. Show your feminine charm by opting for some ruffles, or show off your love of nature with tortoiseshell-inspired detailing.   After all, you know what they say: an accent is worth a thousand words. 

If you’re looking for some inspiration, we’ve got a few examples to spark your stylish senses:

  • Luli Bead TopBeads remain one of the most popular pieces of embellishment the fashion world has ever seen. From flapper dresses to Superbowl halftime shows, beads have seen it all. Treat them to a trip to the seaside with the Luli Bead Top
  • Firenze Flora BottomsHave you ever cracked open an oyster to find a gorgeous pearl hidden inside? Achieve that same magical effect with the Firenze Flora Bottoms. With attractive rope attachments and tortoiseshell details, you’ll feel like a mystic mermaid caught up in the tides. 

Of course, you could also add your own embellishments with your favorite accessories. Grab an anklet, necklace, or a dazzling pair of earrings to add some shimmer to your look. And why stop there? Throw on a midi skirt and sun hat to turn your vacation outfits into a runway-worthy showstopper. 

#5 Gi Tops

If you’ve never heard of Gi tops, you can thank us later—because we’re about to change your whole world. 

These bikini tops can bring the beach party to a halt with their stunning construction and detailing. Perfect for those vacation days, volleyball competitions, or early morning surfs, a Gi top could completely change the game. Talk about a beach buddy for life. 

So what exactly makes up a Gi top? Their main components include:

  • Halter tops, for flattering lift
  • Cutouts galore, beneath the bust 
  • Waxed rope, for a rustic feel and comfy support
  • 24K gold-plated charms, for fabulous flair

A Gi Top can do more than accompany your short beach cover-ups at a beach or resort. Pair it with a skirt or edgy leather pants, and you've got yourself a club-worthy look. A Gi Top can see you through whether you're going to the bars or enjoying a romantic dinner cruise. 

Gi Top

#6 Flattering Bottoms

From vintage high-waisted bottoms to thongs, there are so many bikini bottom options to pick from. So how do you decide which pair of bottoms will fit you best?

When faced with a fashion decision, it's always best to flatter your figure rather than abide by the current swimwear trend. Styles come and go, but your beautiful body exists to be cherished forever. So you should make sure to snag bottoms that properly flaunt it. 

Let's look at a few of the most popular bikini bottom styles and discover which will make your perfect pair: 

  • CheekyCheeky bottoms typically sit higher up on your waist. In terms of coverage, they're halfway between a full-coverage bottom and a thong, thus achieving that patented "cheeky" look. Give your cheeks a chance to see the sun without fear of slippage with the Kayla Tie Side Bottoms
  • High-waisted – These bottoms sit on your natural waist, usually above or at belly-button level. You could opt for a high-coverage bottom or lower coverage like the Gigi Hot Pant Bottoms for some modern flair (and some extra leg-action). 
  • BrazilianBrazilian bottoms can help your legs appear longer and leaner. This cut can look incredibly flattering and creates the perfect garment for suntanning. Try a pair of Giulia Bottoms and feel like a true Brazillian beauty.

Give your booty the love and attention it deserves with a flattering pair of bottoms. Whether you prefer tie-sides or tangas, we're confident that your perfect pair of bottoms awaits. 

Frida One Piece

Shop ViX For Your It Girl Swimsuit

Identifying what swimsuit trends speak to your soul can help you reach it girl enlightenment. But before you set off on your journey, we've got a little secret for you. 

You’re already it, girl. 

That it factor is simply the thing that makes you unique. Your interests, personality, and fashion sense comprise a bright and beautiful individual capable of anything. So trust your intuition. A bathing suit that compliments your body and character will always work in your favor. 

At ViX, we love helping others find their it factor. Whether it comes from their stylish seduction, carefree spirit, or sunny disposition, we know how to dress them accordingly. Browse our swimsuits, resort wear, and accessories collections and discover the most authentic you. 


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