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Latest From Paula: Design A Bikini Contest

Paula shares her thoughts on all the beautiful design entries for the ViX Swimwear Design a Bikini Contest!


On Location: Adios Zihuatanejo

After days of vibrant sunsets, delicious food and fantastic photography, the V i X team is finally heading home from the beautiful Tides Resort in Zihuatanejo, Mexico. The shoot was more than a success – check out a few more quirky behind the scenes shots let us know what you think!


On Location: Culinary Delights

Paula loves fresh seafood, and Mexico is the place to find it! Check out all the delicious delights the crew has been indulging in.


On Location: The Visionary

Where would ViX be without creative visionary Paula Hermanny?! So of course we had to show you a few pictures of Paula behind the scenes at the Tides Resort in Zihuatanejo.


On Location: The Goddess of Zihuatanejo

Legend states that Zihuatanejo was a sanctuary dedicated to the goddess Cihuatéotl. We transformed our model Reka into the modern manifestation of this goddess.


On Location: Prepping for the Shoot

Prepping for any photo shoot is key to ensure that you get all the shots you want. Check out these behind the scenes pictures of the ViX team prepping for the shoot!


On Location: Meet the Crew

It's ViX's first day at the photo shoot in Mexico! Meet the creative minds behind the ViX photo shoot…


On Location: Zihuatanejo

On Location – ViX in Zihautanejo, Mexico for a photo shoot! The beautiful Tides hotel serves as the backdrop for the casual yet chic photo shoot.