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Cruise 2012 Behind the Collection: Odette

Amid the explosion of color featured in Cruise 2012, the Odette serves as a steadfast classic with nautical stripes and leather detailing.

During her childhood, Paula Hermanny was influenced by a fashionable lady within her very own family—her grandmother, Joana. Tasteful and chic, Joana introduced Paula to the iconic elegance of Coco Chanel while evoking the fashion arbiter herself. Today, Paula adapts those elements of enduring style and creates pieces that are uniquely ViX.

Deviating from stark white and black, Paula brings black together with a softer, off-white shade. This juxtaposition offers a new and luxurious take on an old classic without losing the effect of timeless contrasts. Additionally, the fold-over leather detail adorning the triangle top and matching bottom is a new structural twist that keeps the Odette freshly original and a mainstay of ViX signature styles.

Find the Odette at our regular swimwear retailers, including Nordstrom, Saks and Bloomingdales.

Odette Bikini Cruise 2012 Vix Swimwear