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Cruise 2012 Behind the Collection: Tahiti

Jade coastlines, emerald jungles and the lushness of a tropical oasis materialize in the solid Tahiti BIA swimsuit. Our classic BIA—also known as the Tube style—is a ViX signature staple and is made afresh in the solid Tahiti color for the Cruise 2012 Collection.

In Bali, ViX Swimwear designer Paula Hermanny found that she was never in want of vibrant imagery as the city was teeming with vitality. Green is often recognized as the symbol of life and shades of the emerald hue was ever-present during the designer’s trip. This is the inspiration Paula took and brought into existence with the solid color and jade accent details incorporated throughout this season’s collection.

This Cruise 2012 BIA swimsuit also features the latest 24K gold-plated cutout logo tube, a luxurious detail that, when set against the solid Tahiti green backdrop, gives the wearer a classic and sophisticated resort look. Treat yourself this holiday season and add the new Tahiti BIA to your collection of ViX signature styles.

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