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Giving Inspiration 2011 – World Vision

With the advent of the holiday season comes the spirit of goodwill and charity. The last few years have seen substantial economic struggle and studies show a shift in people’s financial priorities as they reconsider what really matters. In a study commissioned by World Vision, 80% of adults said they would prefer a meaningful gift that contributed to charitable causes.

World Vision is one such cause—a humanitarian organization focusing on the plight of children around the world. Established since 1950, World Vision has served 100 million people in 100 countries around the world, including abused and abandoned children, refugees and victims of natural disasters.

At ViX, we are launching our Giving Inspiration campaign in the spirit of the giving season. We encourage everyone to volunteer, donate, raise awareness and reflect on what inspires you to give back. As part of our Giving Inspiration campaign, ViX Swimwear will be donating a portion of proceeds from November and December to World Vision, Paula Hermanny’s charity of choice.

We ask you to join our Giving Inspiration campaign and come back each week as we continue to stay inspired for the rest of the year and highlight notable women, the causes they support and the inspiration they give to others.

Giving Inspiration 2011 ViX Swimwear Paula Hermanny partners with World Vision