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ViX Swimwear Takes the Summer 2012 Collection to New York Market Week

Designer Paula Hermanny is back from the Big Apple and we have an insider’s look at all the big city happenings since our last NYC post! The ViX Swimwear Summer 2012 Collection was a huge success at New York Market Week. It was an exciting showing at the Irina Korkhin Sales (IKS) Showroom and Paula’s latest collection was very well received, being heralded as “bright, fresh and full of life.”

The silk dresses and cover-ups were a particular favorite amongst the fashion editors, including representatives from Cosmo, Shape, Self and InStyle magazine. Though summer seems like a while away, the ViX Swimwear Summer 2012 collection is set to make an appearance in stores by mid-February, just in time for Valentine’s Day getaways and Spring Break holidays! Take a peek below for some action shots of Paula and glimpses of her latest designs:

Paula and Amri Kibbler from Cosmo Magazine take a look into the vibrant, solid colors found in the Summer 2012 Collection.
Paula Hermanny of ViX Swimwear shows Cosmo Magazine Summer 2012 Collection

Paula paused for a photo with InStyle Magazine’s Dana Avidan-Cohn while showcasing ViX’s latest bikini styles and the Bia swimsuit in a fresh new hue.
Paula Hermanny of ViX Swimwear shows InStyle Magazine Summer 2012 Collection

Paula and Kristen Saladino from Self Magazine were engrossed in the variety of silk dresses found in next season’s collection.
Paula Hermanny of ViX Swimwear shows Self Magazine Summer 2012 Collection

After an eventful lineup of showings, Paula headed to one of her favorite stops in New York City, none other than the famous eight level Barneys on Madison Avenue! Paula loves jewelry and has an eye for unique statement pieces made of natural material like tortoise shell, horn and semi-precious stones—details that spark her designer’s inspiration for ViX Swimwear collections.
Paula Hermanny ViX Swimwear New York Market Week Shops at Barneys

Hope you enjoyed following along on Paula’s trip to the East Coast. Make sure to keep an eye out for the ViX Swimwear Summer 2012 Collection in February!