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Cruise 2012 Behind the Collection: Ubud

Incorporating almost all of the colors in the Cruise 2012 Collection, the Ubud pattern is a burst of vibrant hues reminiscent of traditional Balinese costumes.

During her tour through Indonesia, Paula Hermanny was enchanted by the rich culture and whirlwind of pigments found in every day life. She witnessed traditional Balinese dance and studied portraits of indigenous gods and goddesses—opportunities that allowed the designer to reconnect with her own Bohemian roots. The Ubud pattern, enriched with shades of jade, violet and coral is meant to make the ViX woman feel and look like a goddess.

Find the Ubud in an updated Bia swimsuit with 24K gold-plated tubes, a bandeau bikini with amber beading or a luxurious dress to bring some goddess chic to your resort wear this season.

ubud bikini for vix swimwear cruise 2012 collection