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Giving Inspiration – Tory Burch

It is a month into the ViX Swimwear Giving Inspiration campaign and we continue in our efforts to give back during this season of giving and encourage others to do so, as well. Last week, we featured the accomplishments of Rachel Zoe and today we choose Tory Burch and the Tory Burch Foundation to highlight.

An entrepreneur and working mother, Tory Burch is no stranger to overcoming a challenge, having risen through the fashion industry with considerable speed in just seven years. With the rapid influx of success, Tory states in her blog that her greatest challenge is “balancing work and family.” With this sentiment and her evident passion for charitable causes, it’s no surprise that a foundation in her namesake was established in 2009.

The Tory Burch Foundation is partnered with ACCION USA and works to empower women entrepreneurs in the United States by providing them with grants, micro-loans and financial literacy programs. The majority of poor citizens in the United States consists of women—with the Foundation citing single, self-employed mothers “at the highest risk of poverty,” having “been disproportionately affected” by the economic recession. Providing financial tools and support makes a difference in the quality of lives for these women and their families. This is one positive change that Tory hopes to take global as her foundation continues in its philanthropic endeavors.

As our global village continues to get smaller, issues at one time seeming so distant can now seep into the tangible forefront of our minds. We hope this awareness is just one effect resulting from the ViX Swimwear Giving Inspiration campaign. There are plenty of ways to give back, whether it’s at home or abroad. Designer Paula Hermanny is an innovator in the swimwear industry but also a devoted mother of two. She identifies deeply with her charity of choice, World Vision, a global establishment for children in need.

Stay inspired with ViX and help us support World Vision through our Giving Inspiration Facebook discussion post, where you can share your stories of giving back and spreading the holiday goodwill—for every comment received, we will be adding $100 dollars towards our World Vision partnership. And remember us for all your last minute holiday gifts, as a portion of December proceeds will also further our charitable cause and benefit children around the world.

The Tory Burch Foundation featured in the ViX Swimwear Giving Inspiration Campaign