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Giving Inspiration – Petra Nemcova

Inspiration can sometimes be found in the most unexpected places. A survivor of the Indian Ocean Tsunami in 2004, supermodel Petra Nemcova witnessed first hand the devastation natural disasters can bring. Upon her recovery, she founded the Happy Hearts Fund (HHF) to aid the children in Thailand affected by the tsunami.

Recognizing the gap between first response measures and the installment of government infrastructure, the Happy Hearts Fund (HHF) focuses on the building of self-sustaining schools, a key factor in helping children rebuild their lives. The organization works with the surrounding communities and local businesses to implement long-term sustainability initiatives, giving everyone a sense of security and independence.

Since it’s inception, the HFF has spread to nine different countries, including Indonesia, Sri Lanka and Peru. Just last month, the Happy Hearts Fund Land of Dreams: Haiti event was held in New York to further charitable efforts in the rebuilding of Haiti, raising over 2.3 million dollars for the country’s schools. To date, HFF has built 56 schools in nine countries, benefitting over 34,000 children and 337,000 community members.

At ViX Swimwear, we are inspired by the philanthropic endeavors of notable women like Petra Nemcova. Designer Paula Hermanny shares in this sentiment and continues to work with her charity of choice, World Vision, an organization focused on bettering the lives of children around the globe. Participate in ViX Swimwear’s Giving Inspiration campaign as we reflect on giving back to others. This season, a portion of holiday proceeds from November and December will go towards our partnership with World Vision. And don’t forget to join us next week, as we present our final feature on yet another celebrated philanthropist inspiring millions around the world.

For more information on Petra Nemcova’s charity work, visit the Happy Hearts Fund (HHF).
Petra Nemcova in Peru by Marie Claire Magazine inspires ViX Swimwear
Petra Nemcova in Peru; image from Marie Claire Magazine

Petra Nemcova in Mexico by PR Web inspires ViX Swimwear
Petra Nemcova in Mexico; image from PR Web