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Giving Inspiration – Gisele Bündchen

Our final installment for the ViX Swimwear Giving Inspiration campaign features Brasilian beauty Gisele Bündchen. A super model with a super sense of social responsibility, Gisele has garnered as much success with her charitable endeavors as she has with her incredible career.

In fact, using her celebrity status is one way Gisele brings awareness to projects that are close to her heart. On her 2009 appointment as a Goodwill Ambassador by the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP), Gisele tells us in her blog that she is “glad to be able to help the United Nations,” and that she will “use [her] visibility as a celebrity to draw attention to…causes.”

One such cause is the Projeto Agua Limpa or Clean Water Project. It is a clean water initiative spearheaded by the Bündchen family to support ecological conservation and environmental sustainability benefitting Brasilian communities. The focus on green movements stems from Gisele’s deep appreciation for the natural beauty and biodiversity found in her homeland of Brasil. Just last month, she was honored for her environmental efforts and was named the ‘Best Green International Celebrity’ at the International Green Awards held in London’s Natural History Museum.

Brasil’s Zero Hunger Program, officially known as Fome Zero, is another charitable cause supported by Gisele. A government agency, the program works to prevent hunger in the children of Brasil’s underprivileged municipalities and increases access to affordable and nutritious food for working class families. Elevating the quality of life and working towards a harmonious co-existence with the country’s natural resources are two intertwining issues central to Brasil.

With its deep Brasilian roots, ViX Swimwear finds inspiration in Gisele’s extensive charitable work for her home country and we are brought full circle as our designer, Paula Hermanny, hails from Vitoria, Brasil. Paula identifies strongly with supporting deprived children, especially those in underserved communities and victims of natural disasters. Partnered with World Vision, Paula works to give inspiration to those who need it most. This year, we hope the ViX Swimwear Giving Inspiration campaign has inspired you to give back as well as inspiring others to give back during this season of giving. Make sure to visit next week as we celebrate the New Year and our accomplishments with the World Vision project.

For more information on her insprational work, visit Gisele’s Blog.
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Image from UNEP