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Destino Brasil: Happy New Year!

In Brasil, the ushering in of the New Year or Ano Novo is a major holiday and widely celebrated event. Winter in the United States is high summer in Brasil and the New Year celebration officially marks the start of summertime revelries.

In a reflection of culture and tradition, Brasilians typically dress in all white to encourage prosperity and good fortune. Floating flowers and candles are offerings made to the Afro-Brasilian deity, Iemanja or Yemanja, Goddess of the Sea. Traditional fare such as lentils, grapes, rice, chicken, farofa (spiced tapioca grains) and marajuca (fruit) mousse are part of New Year’s Eve feasts.

Also known as Reveillon, countless New Year parties are held at the beaches, with Copacabana in Rio de Janeiro leading the festivities with elaborate fireworks displays and samba concerts. Rio has a world-renowned reputation for the hugest New Year’s Eve gatherings and as the home of ViX Swimwear’s Brasil headquarters, you can be sure the ViX team will be ringing in 2012 the Brasilian way! Here’s to a happy and prosperous New Year from ViX!


Celebrate New Year's Eve in Rio de Janeiro, home of ViX Swimwear Brasil
(Image from World Travel List website)