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Giving Inspiration – World Vision Contribution

Though the holiday season comes to a close, the ViX Swimwear Giving Inspiration campaign is something we want to keep year round. We love the idea of giving back, inspiring others to give back, as well as bringing awareness to different charitable organizations. Our series on notable women, including designer Paula Hermanny, highlighted the charitable causes supported by each woman and served as a beacon of generosity.

A devoted mother of two, designer Paula Hermanny will always have a special love for children and aligning with World Vision is a reflection of the causes most important to her. A humanitarian organization focused on children around the world, World Vision has served abused and abandoned children, including refugees and victims of natural disasters. Through our Facebook campaign, portions of holiday proceeds and Paula’s generous donations, ViX Swimwear was able to help World Vision build a traditional well for safer irrigation and also stock three health clinics to support life-saving health services in developing countries.

To keep the spirit of giving and goodwill alive, ViX Swimwear would like to invite you to follow our Giving Inspiration series for the rest of the year. Each quarter, we will give an update on our contributions to World Vision as we continue to do our part and keep the inspiration steady throughout the year.

ViX Swimwear Giving Inspiration Campaign with World Vision